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Friends playing board games | Featured image for top 10 benefits of board games.

The Benefits of Playing Board Games

Playing board games is a great way to entertain the family or a group of friends. Not only do they bring people together, but they increase laughter, happiness and stimulate the serotonin in our brains. However, they aren’t just a great source of entertainment, there are many benefits of playing board games which makes them just that little bit more enticing to play.  

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Health Benefits of Board Games

We’ve put together a list of the top 10 health benefits of board games that will get you thinking about your next board game adventure!

Social Interaction

Most board games out there require you to play within a team or at least with a group of people where you take turns. It’s the perfect way to increase social interaction in a world that is rapidly becoming digitally focused. Human interaction is extremely important as it increases a sense of safety, security and belonging.

Problem Solving Skills

Plenty of board games are all about problem solving, and this is an exceptional skill to refine as you go throughout life. Board games are typically strategy focused and require lots of thinking, attention, and solving of puzzles. You may not know it, but while you’re playing, you’re refining and developing so many real-life skills.

Teaches the Value of Patience

One of the great benefits of playing board games is the ability to teach patience and self-control. Games of strategy can cause a bit of strain and stress on players and doing this repeatedly can teach the players to remain calm, focused, and to pay close attention while giving other players a chance at doing the same. This is also a great way to learn respect.

Decreases the Risk of Cognitive Decline

All these amazing benefits put together help decrease diseases in association with Dementia and Alzheimer’s. Keeping your brain exercised, focused, and continuously retraining it builds it stronger over time, reducing the risk of losing important memory and muscle functions.

Lowers Blood Pressure

When interacting with others and with board games, it is believed that the endorphins being released from our brains cause the muscles in our bodies to be relaxed. When our muscles are relaxed, our blood starts to circulate more freely and easily, giving our blood pressure a chance to lower to the proper rate. If you already have low blood pressure, you may simply feel an ease with anxiety.

Reduces Stress & Increases Laughter

One of the greatest benefits of playing board games is the reduction in stress and the increase of laughter. Nothing feels better than a real laugh coming right from the pit of your stomach and playing board games with your friends or family is guaranteed to have you in stitches. These are the best moments for lowered stress, and real laughter.

Sharpens Cognitive Skills

Strategic thinking, decision making, and problem solving are all cognitive skills that we aim to develop as we get older and go out into the world. Thanks to the way board games have been created over the decades, skills are strengthened through the process of touch which allows players to store memory and learning outcomes at a greater level.

Stimulates Creativity & Inspiration

Creativity is an essential part of our makeup as humans. It enables opportunity, encourages us to be more social and allows us to think outside the box. How board games are made encourages players to be creative in the way they think ahead, opening a part of the brain and retraining it until the game comes to an end. This strengthens our creative abilities the more we engage with board games and games alike.

Boost in Confidence

As mentioned above, one of the health benefits of board games includes encouraging players to think outside of the box. Because of the strategic thinking involved, players have no choice but to conclude their next move and progress with ultimate confidence in order for the game to continue.

Lowers Screen Time

In case you didn’t know this yet, being on technology isn’t so great for our eyes and our skin. It’s important to give our eyes a break every now and again, especially if most of our day is dedicated to working/studying on a computer. Board games can relax the strain on our eyes, give our brain a bit of a break, and reenergise us.

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