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Abstract Strategy Games

Abstract Strategy Games

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  • Stratego Board Game Original

    Stratego Board Game Original is the original ‘capture the flag’ game, launched in 1958. This classic strategy game is set in the war between Bluecoats – with Lieutenant Jacques Cavalier at the helm – against the Redcoats.

    • Age: 8+
    • Game time: 45 minutes
    • Players: 2

    The original game of capturing the flag.

    Over and over again, Lieutenant Jacques Cavallier’s troops try to capture the Redcoats flag. The Bluecoats’ army has suffered heavy losses, but their troops are not giving up. Are you ready to lead the lieutenant and his men to victory? It won’t be easy, as the Redcoats also have a brilliant strategist on their side to lead them into battle.

    A classic of strategy in battle.

    Before the battle begins, decide which secret formation you will use to lead your troops to victory and capture the enemy flag. The ranks of the pieces played will determine who wins each match and who must leave the battlefield.

    $39.95 $32.95
  • Tash Kalar Board Game

    Tash-Kalar is the ancient art of magical combat performed in arenas and combat pits throughout the known world. Tash-Kalar is also the name of the oldest and most famous arena, the place where the game began. You can play the Tash Kalar Board Game with 2, 3, or 4 players, in teams or individually. Whether you are playing the High Form or a deathmatch, all games of Tash-Kalar have the same basic rules: Players take turns creating magical stones and placing them in patterns that allow them to summon fantastical beings. Here you will find the mystical intrigues of the Sylvan, the brutal fury of the Highlanders, and the incisive tactics of the Imperials. Your beings can move around the arena, disrupt opponents’ patterns, and form new patterns that allow you to summon more beings. Each form of Tash-Kalar has its own means of scoring and deciding on a victor. Lay your plans, strengthen your position, then unleash your full power as you summon a tremendous creature of legend to dominate the arena of Tash-Kalar.

    $59.95 $44.95
  • Ubongo 3D Board Game

    Stretch your mental muscles into the third dimension! In the Ubongo 3D Board Game, the hit puzzle game, players race to place three-dimensional blocks so they fit perfectly in a specific area on a puzzle card and completely fill a designated three-dimensional space. Each time you win, you collect colourful plastic gems; the player with the most valuable collection of gems at the end of the game wins.

    The puzzle cards each have multiple puzzles on both sides: one side is easier, the other more difficult. A total of four difficulty levels makes this the perfect game for beginners and experts alike, allowing the whole family to play together. With four sets of eight durable three-dimensional pieces and 72 puzzle boards featuring a total of 671 puzzles, the game can be played with up to four players — or challenge yourself in solo games. Take your puzzling to the next level with the Ubongo 3D.

    $59.95 $52.95
  • Cafe Board Game with Promo Card

    During King’s D. João V kingdom, Portugal was a major European power. From Brazil, the king ordered Sargent Melo Palheta to travel to the French Guyana to formally establish the Utrecht Treaty of 1713 and to secretly bring coffee seeds to Brazil.

    The Sargent was successful and by 1800 Brazil was already one of the largest and biggest coffee producers in the world.

    In the early XX century, coffee from Brazil, São Tomé and Príncipe, Angola and Timor is largely appreciated in Portugal and inspires the appearance of prestige coffee shops in emblematic locations that attract the elite. Through dedication, hard work and competence, the Portuguese XX century witnesses the birth of one of the biggest coffee industries in the world.

    In the Cafe Board Game, 1 to 4 players represent coffee companies, that from plantation, ageing, roasting and distribution, try to create and control the best supply chain of coffee.

    $29.95 $27.95
  • GIPF Board Game

    The GIPF Board Game is the first game in the GIPF Series of two-player abstract games.

    GIPF is a strategic game for two players based on a classic concept: In turns, players introduce one piece into play until achieving four-in a-row. Players then remove their row and capture any of their opponent’s pieces which extend that row. This principle of capturing pieces creates each time again completely changed situations on the board. The purpose is to form successive rows of at least four pieces, until the opponent has no piece left to bring into play.

    $64.95 $57.95
  • Paris La Cite de la Lumiere Board Game

    The Paris Lumiere Board Game is a two-player board game, designed by José Antonio Abascal, infused with Parisian aesthetics by the artist, Oriol Hernández. The game is set in late 19th century Paris during the 1889 ‘Exposition Universelle’, when public electricity was a hot topic. Electricity spread throughout the city, creating today’s beautiful nocturnal Parisian streets and coining Paris’s nickname ‘La Cité de la Lumiére’, the City of Lights. The most well-lit buildings are admired highly by passers-by.

    Paris La Cite de la Lumiere is easy-to-learn tile-laying game for two players with a short play time but plenty of forward-planning required.

    $44.95 $39.95
  • Beez Board Game

    Prepare yourself to take flight as a bee!

    In the Beez Board Game, players compete to optimise their flight plans to secure nectar for their hive. Be careful of the other bees as you will compete with them over a set of public and private scoring goals. The challenge in planning and storing the nectar will make your brain buzz!

    • Players compete to optimise their flight plans
    • Secure nectar for their hive
    • Be careful of the other bees
    • Compete with them over a set of public and private scoring goals
    • Challenge in planning and storing the nectar
    $69.95 $57.95
  • Sweets Stack Board Game

    The Sweets Stack Board Game is a competitive puzzle game in which your goal is to overfill your opponent’s candy buckets first while cleverly placing candies into your bucket to prevent it from overflowing.

    Each round you start with a new candy bucket sheet. Players will pass around candy cards, and each player must mark the shape of the candy they receive in their candy bucket sheet. If you plan well and stuff your candies efficiently, you will be able to put many candies in your bucket. Each candy you successfully put in your bucket scores you points.

    After three rounds, each player adds up their total score, and the player with the highest score wins!

    *note, this is the JP/EN version and comes with English rules included in the box.

    $44.95 $37.95
  • L Tiles Board Game

    During the time when the world was still round, some mischievous fairies untied the knot that kept the world together, making it flat. At this rate, the water, air, and mountains would begin to fall off the edge. It was at this time that god told the fairies to combine mysterious gems which would return the world to its rightful state. However, if too many gems were combined together, the magic would overflow and begin to lose power. It is also believed that god told them that whoever could gather the most magic would be granted one wish….

    In the L Tiles Board Game, you will connect tiles together to grow areas in your gem colour. Once the game is finished, all areas are scored by the number of gems you have. However, if there are too many gems within an area, you will begin to lose points. Can you stop at just the right point to get the highest score for your areas? Or will your opponents thwart your plans by adding more gems to your areas? L Tiles is an encampment game with simple rules and a challenging dilemma.

    *Note the L Tiles Board game is language independent and English Rules are included in the box.

    $59.95 $49.95
  • Square on Sale Board Game

    In the Square on Sale Board Game, you are land sharks. You can buy/raid anyone’s squares anytime through auctions. Of course you have to acquire as many (good) sites as possible to become the winner. Bubble economics forever. In this game, players aim to bid off places as good timing as possible.

    The main idea of this game is simultaneity of auctions — unlike ordinal auction games that new auction begins only after current auction ends, in this game you can begin new auction for any place at any time regardless of auctions in process. As a result, there are 2 or more auctions in process at any time, but a player cannot bid in 2 or more auctions at once, so you may miss chances of bid, or you might bid off worthless place because situations are changing by other auctions while you are joining the auction.

    *Note the Square on Sale Board game is language independent and English Rules and an English Player aid are available for download on Board Game Geek.

    $109.95 $99.95
  • Patchwork Express Game


    Everything got more accessible in this Patchwork spin-off for the young and old:. In the Patchwork Express game, the boards are smaller, there are fewer tiles to place, and the game takes even less time than Patchwork. The tile size got bigger so the tiles are easy to grab and read. Plus, Patchwork Express is at least as fun as its bigger brother! Due to the decreased complexity of the tiles, filling your board completely has become so much easier.

    $44.95 $32.95
  • Qwirkle Board Game Deluxe Collectors Edition

    The Qwirkle Board Game is a captivating strategy game that even kids can play – and this collector’s edition offers silky smooth acrylic tiles and wood tile racks. The collector’s edition has everything great about the original version with updated, tactile details; the acrylic tiles are heavy, holdable, and satisfying to move and set in place. Qwirkle’s rules are simple to learn – it’s all about matching colours and shapes – but winning requires tactical manoeuvres and a well-planned strategy. It’s MindWare’s most awarded game! Enjoy it again or for the first time in the sleek collector’s edition.

    • Qwirkle Deluxe Collector’s Edition
    • Encourages problem-solving, strategy, and family fun
    • Includes 108 acrylic tiles, 4 tile racks, nylon bag, score card, pencil, and rules. 2-4 players

    $79.95 $69.95
  • Nova Luna Board Game

    The moon has had an influence on mankind for many thousands of years. For example, the new moon stands for a new beginning or the time to think about the future and taking the first steps. In the Nova Luna Board Game, players must deal effective with the display of the moon clock to fulfil their orders. Every decision has far-reaching consequences for the future.

    Nova Luna is a family-friendly laying game that is full of strategic decisions at the same time. A solo rule also makes the game playable alone.

    $89.95 $64.95
  • Tokyo Jidohanbaiki Board Game


    Jidohanbaiki (vending machine in Japanese) is a framework game with pieces that are used to create many other games! With the help of talented guest designers, over 20 games can be played out of the box.

    Not only are scale model 3D miniature Japanese drinks included in the game, but also a jidohanbaiki tower that the drinks can be dropped into, where they may become stuck, or knocked out again later!

    The vast quantity and selection of vending machine drinks in Japan is astonishing. This game was inspired directly from purchasing drinks in Tokyo, and that exciting moment of trying something new.

    $74.95 $54.95
  • Tokyo Coin Laundry Game


    A game showcasing the wonderful experiences that can only exist from doing ones laundry at a coin laundry, TOKYO COIN LAUNDRY offers everything from role playing, to team games, to timed dexterity!

    Just like TOKYO JIDOHANBAIKI, TOKYO COIN LAUNDRY features 7 unique game rules out of the box from talented guest designers across the globe, using the same components.

    $74.95 $54.95
  • Tuki Board Game

    In the Inuit language, ‘tukilik’ is used to define an object that carries a message, and the northern landscapes are densely populated with such objects. The most well known of these are the inukshuk, that is, structures of rough stones traditionally used by Inuit people as a landmark or commemorative sign, with the stones often being stacked in the form of a human figure.

    During each turn in the Tuki board game, you attempt to construct an inukshuk based on the die face rolled using your stones and blocks of snow. Players have only a limited number of pieces with which to construct the inukshuk, so you’ll need to be creative and use the three-dimensional pieces in multiple ways, such as to counterbalance other pieces or even build on top of existing pieces. A solution always exists — you just need to discover it!

    You can choose from two levels of difficulty when playing Tuki to level the playing ground between newcomers and experts. Be swift, yet precise, and transform your stones into messengers of the north…

    $69.95 $49.95
  • Ragnarocks Board Game Kickstarter Edition (Preorder)

    From Gordon Hamilton, the designer of the insanely popular Santorini, comes the next great thematic abstract game for your collection: the Ragnarocks Board Game.

    With an elegantly simple ruleset on your turn you will carry out the following actions:

    1. Move a viking: Move one of your Vikings in any direction as fas you like before hitting any other figure or Runestone.
    2. Place a Runestone: From the Viking you just moved, place a Runestone in any direction. It cannot pass through any other figure or other Runestone.
    3. Score Victory Points: The game ends when every Viking is separated. Score points for each hex in each Viking’s territory.

    Play with Myth Cards: Playing with Myth Cards changes the game every time you play!.

    *this is the Kickstarter Edition with all unlocked stretch goals as per the campaign page.

    $79.95 $69.95
  • Sagrada Board Game

    Draft dice and use the tools-of-the-trade in Sagrada to carefully construct your stained glass window masterpiece.

    In more detail, each player builds a stained glass window by building up a grid of dice on their player board. Each board has some restrictions on which colour or shade (value) of die can be placed there. Dice of the same shade or colour may never be placed next to each other. Dice are drafted in player order, with the start player rotating each round, snaking back around after the last player drafts two dice. Scoring is variable per game based on achieving various patterns and varieties of placement…as well as bonus points for dark shades of a particular hidden goal colour.

    Special tools can be used to help you break the rules by spending skill tokens; once a tool is used, it then requires more skill tokens for the next player to use them.

    The highest scoring window artisan wins!

    $79.95 $62.95
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