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7 Wonders Metal Coins (Moedas & Co)

$69.95 $59.95

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A set of Modeas & Co deluxe 7 Wonders metal coins to elevate your gaming experience to the next level.
The present set contains the exact number of coins necessary for the 7 Wonders Board Game and consists of:
46 coins of value $1 with aged bath.
24 coins of value $3 with gold bath.
Coin Features:
  • 20mm and 25mm in diameter.
  • 3g and 5g of unit weight respectively.
  • All the coins are manufactured using Zamak alloy and are resistant to folding, denting, and corrosion

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Moedas & Co Coin Review

7 Wonders How to Play

7 Wonders Revised Thoughts

Additional information

Weight0.56 kg

Moedas & Co


Moedas & Co

Minimum Suggested Age10
Average Play Time60 - 120 minutes
BGG Complexity1


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