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Card games are an easy alternative to board games, providing all the same fun without the need to set up and pack away a game board. These games are designed for fast-paced entertainment, generating plenty of laughs and great memories. At More Than Meeples we stock a wide range of card board games, from all-time to classics to exciting new releases. Whether you are looking for a way to liven up your next get together or a fun game to pack for your next trip away, these card games are bound to keep you and your friends entertained for hours.

If you are seeking the latest board games or are looking to purchase an old favourite, More Than Meeples is here to help. With a wide range of board games, collectibles, and comics available, browse through our online board game shop and contact us if we can assist in any way.

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Play the Hand You’re Dealt with These Card Board Games


The Classics​

Uno – The classic card game that has entertained people for generations, Uno sees players racing to be the best first to dispose of all their cards. While everyone plays by their own rules, the one thing Uno has in common for all players is endless entertainment and plenty of laughs.

Monopoly Deal – While the standard Monopoly is responsible for more fights than any other board game, Monopoly Deal simplifies things to create a fast and entertaining alternative. With properties and utilities transformed into cards, players take turns trying to bankrupt each other until only one remains.

Cards Against Humanity – The game that lets people reveal how dirty their sense of humour really is, Cards Against Humanity sees players placing cards to complete random prompts. Each hand sees someone taking the role of Czar, who picks the card they declare the funniest as the winner and gives the one who played it a point.

New Favourites

Exploding Kittens – A fresh take on the card game formula, Exploding Kittens sees players taking turns drawing cards from a shared deck. If you draw an exploding kitten you are eliminated, but you can avoid this fate by using the abilities linked to the cards in your hand.

Joking Hazard – Based on the popular Cyanide and Happiness web comic, Joking Hazard sees people playing picture cards to complete the random scene started in the middle. It works like a visual version of Cards Against Humanity, with the one responsible for the funniest answer the victor of each round.

Arkham Horror: The Card Game – Taking the classic Arkham Horror board game and converting it into a quick and easy card game, this is a must play for those who love horror and card games. With characters that continue throughout multiple campaigns, players receive cards that they must use to keep their character and their sanity alive as they investigate Lovecraft-based mysteries.

Licensed Fun

Hocus Pocus – Based on the beloved 1993 movie, Hocus Pocus sees players working together to brew potions capable of banishing the Sanderson witches. Along with a time limit, Hocus Pocus complicates things by preventing players from talking to each other, meaning you may accidentally sabotage your friends while trying to stop the witches by dawn.

Marvel Champions – For those that love the Marvel universe, Marvel Champions tasks players with building a deck capable of taking down nefarious villains. Packed with fan service, the game features both the popular heroes and deeper cuts, with each hero’s card creating a unique playstyle that captures their essence perfectly.

Pokémon Battle Academy – A more accessible take on Pokémon than the popular Trading Card Game, Battle Academy is designed for two players to battle it out. With an easy-to-follow rulebook, the game tasks wannabe trainers with deploying their Pokémon and their best strategy to become a Pokémon champion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The name says it all. Card games use cards in their gameplay, typically being the primary way for players to interact with the game. While some games may also include a board, most card games simply rely on cards making them easy to transport and set up.

Of course! The above games are some of our favourites, and we will help find the perfect fit for you. Simply contact us with your preferences and we will send back some recommendations.

If you are after a particular game that it is not available on the More Than Meeples website, send an email to and we will see if we can order it in for you.

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Want to Play Some Cards?

At More Than Meeples we pride ourselves on making it easy to buy board games online, and stock an extensive range of card board games and collectibles. Browse through our extensive range to find the perfect purchase for you and contact us if we can help in any way.