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We are proud to introduce the More Than Meeples Loyalty and Rewards Program where you can earn and redeem MTM Loyalty Credits for coupons as well as our MTM Power Up Rewards program where can rank up and earn permanent storewide discounts. 

Orders placed from May 25th, 2022 are eligible for our Loyalty Credits. To request Power Up Points from past orders, please email with relevant order details.

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MTM Loyalty Program.
MTM Rewards Program
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, MTM Loyalty and Rewards only apply to customers with an active web-store account.

Both MTM Loyalty Credits and Power Up Points are applied to your account once your order has been marked as ‘Completed’. This is generally within 24 hours of your order being shipped or your in-store purchase.

MTM Loyalty Credits are earned in various ways listed above including via a conversion of $1.00 : 1 Loyalty Credit on order total excluding shipping charges.

MTM Power Up Points are earned via a conversion of $1:00 : 1 Power Up Point based on order total excluding shipping charges.

Yes, all orders including in-store orders earn both Loyalty Points and Power Up Points. To earn points in-store, you will either need to have an active web-store account or create one with our team during your in-store purchase.

You can view the balance of your points in your My Account settings.

MTM Loyalty Credits and our Power Up Program can be used for everything on More Than Meeples except Gift Cards.

Points cannot be earned or spent on MTM Gift Cards.

Your Power Up Rewards Tier will not combine with other coupons that have restrictions. It can however, be used with a coupon generated using Loyalty Credits as well as MTM Gift Cards.

Upon reaching the next tier you will receive an email with a multi-use coupon code that is tied to your account. This will automatically apply during checkout. Alternatively, you can enter this coupon code during checkout.

No, your MTM Power Up Tier, Loyalty Credits and coupon codes generated via Loyalty Credits are for the sole use of the account owner. More Than Meeples reserves the right to cancel orders and restrict or suspend Loyalty and Rewards access due to suspected misuse of our loyalty program.

Yes, coupons generated through loyalty credits will expire after 3 years from date of issue.

Yes, Loyalty Credits not exchanged expire after 365 days.

Your Power Up tier is a lifetime rank based on points earned from the total lifetime purchases on your account. It does not expire and will only be revoked if misuse is suspected on your account.

Product reviews can be left on product pages by customers who have purchased a product. For a review to be verified you must leave a star rating and a short review about the product. Verified product review Loyalty Credits are limited to 5 reviews per 30 days.

Loyalty Credits can be redeemed in your My Account settings. A coupon is generated and automatically applied to your cart as well as a copy sent to your account’s email address.

Yes, coupons generated by Loyalty Credits are single use coupons. Any balance remaining after checkout is forfeited if not used.

No, Loyalty Credits, Power Up Points or Loyalty Coupons cannot be exchanged for any form of credit.

No, your Power Up Points will be updated after the order is complete and shipped. Therefore, anything you buy now will apply towards your next purchase.

Customers can receive full Power Up Points for their previous orders by contacting us and providing the relevant information. Please email  with order numbers and amounts.

For Loyalty Credits, only orders placed from the 25th May, 2022 are eligible.

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