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Online Store for Collectibles, Graphic Novels & Board Games Perth Enthusiasts Love!

When it comes to board games, collectibles, and graphic novels, make More Than Meeples your one-stop shop. While we do not have a storefront in Perth, our online store makes it simple to purchase the products you want and have them swiftly delivered to you with our $10 Flat Rate shipping. With competitive pricing, we offer premium goods at some of the most affordable prices on the market. At MTM, we’re fans just like you and take pride in delivering the board games Perth loves to play and are always here if you need any suggestions for your next play or event.

Looking for the best board game shop Perth has to offer? At More Than Meeples we stock a wide range of rare products that are hard to find anywhere else. Thanks to our online store, it has never been easier to get these goods into your hands as soon as possible. Access our contact us page if you have any questions or enquires.

Board Games

We pride ourselves on our extensive range of board games here at More Than Meeples, with our always growing collection featuring everything from old favourites to modern masterpieces. With an online store designed to filter games by everything from genre to player count, it has never been easier to find the perfect game for you. Whether you are trying to secure a rare game from overseas or something for the next family game night, we have everything you need.

Kickstarter Games

Recent years have seen Kickstarter used as a platform to create and release unique games that fill niches missing in the mainstream market. Whether they are revivals of dormant IPs or wholly original ideas, these games are some of the best available. We’re always on the lookout for new games and experiences, which is why we provide access to a wide range of Kickstarter games and ship them to our customers once the campaign is fully funded. Pledging before release often means you receive the games before retail stores, while you also typically get exclusive content.

Miniature Games

We understand that tabletop gaming is more than just a game, it’s a way of life. That’s why we supply a collection of miniature games and Warhammer figures that come in all shapes and sizes to appeal to both seasoned veterans and first-time players. We provide the miniatures board games Perth fans love to collect and are always happy to discuss your hobby with you and share recommendations and advice.

Graphic Novels

Beyond board games, we also stock a vast collection of graphic novels that features some of the biggest names in entertainment, along with more niche titles. Whether you love Marvel, DC, or stories without superheroes, we are sure to have plenty for you to enjoy. We celebrate the best stories and artwork the medium has to offer through our range of hardcovers, omnibuses, and collector’s editions. We also take pre-orders for upcoming releases so you can be sure you’ll receive your purchase the day of release.

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Why Choose More Than Meeples?

We are More Than Meeples – your local Brisbane based tabletop gaming store and online board game shop shipping Australia wide for a Flat Rate $10.00!

In Stock and Ready to Ship

When a product is listed as in stock on our website, it really means we have the product at our physical site. Once your order is complete, we ship your purchase to you right away, ensuring you receive your package as soon as possible.

Well-Packaged Shipping

We understand how important it is for your purchases to arrive in perfect condition, especially as we our collectors ourselves. That’s why we use reliable and environmentally responsible packaging to ensure your purchases are safe and secure once they are put in transit.

Fair Pricing

Despite being a small, family run business, we ensure we offer competitive prices when compared to larger sellers. This ensures we pass savings onto you, while our $10 Flat Rate shipping across Australia is another way we deliver value for our customers.

Friendly and Expert Advice

When you shop at More Than Meeples, you can be sure that you are communicating with fellow board game enthusiasts. We live and breathe board games, just like you, and are always happy to share recommendations or discuss what we have been playing recently.

Huge Range

We encourage everyone to support their friendly local gaming store as much as possible, but there are times where you just can’t find the game you’re looking for locally. That’s why we provide a massive collection of diverse and unique games to help you find that game that has always been on your radar but impossible to find.

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Shop Online at More Than Meeples Today!

Searching for something in particular that you can’t seem to find anywhere else? As your one-stop online board game shop, we’re here to provide all your board game, graphic novel, and collectible needs. Explore our ever-growing collection online and follow us on social media to stay updated when new stock arrives. For any recommendations or queries, reach out to our friendly team through our contact us form.

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