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Brisbane’s newest pop culture collectible and board game shop online!

With a focus on supporting the Brisbane community with local pickup and offering $10.00 Flat Rate shipping for all of our customers Australia wide; We provide friendly and timely customer service and are an online hobby store that believes that when you buy an in-stock product, it should actually be ‘in-stock’ – no hassle, no fuss – just a great online shopping experience for all.


Looking for a new game to add to your collection but don’t know what’s hot? Browse our best-selling board games below and buy board games Brisbane and Australia wide today!

Open Preorders

Don’t miss out on our latest preorder board games and preorder today to secure your copy of the upcoming hotness at great prices, delivered Australia wide.

Why Choose More Than Meeples As Your Trusted Collectible & Board Game Shop Online

We are More Than Meeples – your local Brisbane based tabletop gaming store and online board game shop!


Trust in fair and honest business practices

At More Than Meeples, we only sell on our webstore and not across multiple sales channels; This means that we monitor and control our inventory levels as closely as possible to ensure that when you buy board games Brisbane and Australia wide with us, your purchase is actually in stock at our Brisbane warehouse. We do not drop-ship and other than Kickstarter/Preorder orders, we never sell stock that we don’t physically have for your peace of mind.


Support a local Australian business

We are Brisbane locals, born and raised in the Western suburbs of Brisbane and while More Than Meeples is an online collectible and board game shop, we pay local taxes and contribute and support our local communities wherever we can.


Growing the local and Australian tabletop and hobby gaming communities

For us there is nothing more important than gathering together with family and friends around a table and scraping that extra point in our favourite Feld games or somehow rolling lucky against a vastly superior fleet in the epic battle for Mecatol Rex. It is our goal to share our love of gaming and pop culture collectibles the best we can across Australia.


Customer service you can count on

When it comes to ordering from a hobby shop online, there’s nothing worse than bad or non-existent customer service. That’s why we provide ample opportunity to get in touch with us, simply use our handy integrated Facebook chat messenger, send us an email, call us or reach out to us on Facebook – the choice is yours. We endeavour to respond to all enquiries within 2 business days – hopefully faster!


Help contribute to environmental sustainability

Tabletop gaming has certainly exploded in recent years and there are no signs of the market slowing down with more and more people enjoying the hobby. As an online tabletop gaming store where shipping is inevitable, we do our part by reusing packaging materials, and sourcing environmentally friendly packaging products wherever possible. Every box reused and every biodegradable peanut to protect your order is a small but important contribution to environmental sustainability in the hobby.

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Have a Question or Request?

Simply get in touch with with us through our integrated Facebook chat, follow our Facebook page, email our online hobby store team at or give us a quick call during business hours and we’ll do our best to respond to your requests as soon as possible! We value your support and pride ourselves on delivering friendly customer service that you can depend on.

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