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Kickstarter board games are an excellent source of deluxified and unique board games for board gamers looking to expand their collection of games. Kickstarter is a hub of creativity where you can find innovative sensational games blended from themes and ideas found around the world. Take the game Earth, for example, it’s a visually captivating game tasking players to create ecosystems made by a Canadian designer and available in 10 languages. It includes numerous videos demonstrating how the game is played, unique Kickstarter only components, and photos displaying all the parts. Kickstarter’s make it easy for both new and seasoned gamers to see the interesting points of a game before making that pledge to back a game.

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What to Expect with Kickstarter Board Games

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Frequently Asked Questions

Kickstarter is a popular website that uses crowdfunding to support and create a variety of projects. So, Kickstarter Board Games are board games crowdfunded through the Kickstarter platform.

Kickstarter projects often reward their supporters with unique items such as special cards, game pieces, or art that is only available through the Kickstarter release – often termed ‘Kickstarter Exclusive content’

It depends, frequently there is at least some small delay in fulfilment. Experienced project managers can help mitigate delays significantly, but manufacturing complications and logistics can still slow down the fulfilment process. It is not uncommon for a Kickstarter to be delayed at least a few months.

We back a lot of different games, some of which we can’t list until near fulfilment due to Kickstarter retailer terms and conditions. Reach out to us and we’ll see what we can do.

We check all games prior to shipment and ensure your order is packed securely. If your game arrives damaged please reach out to our support for assistance. For spare parts please refer to our refunds/returns policy for more information.