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Few games pack as much fun, energy and excitement into one box as dexterity board games. These kinds of games require a skill set that is unique and different from what one would use when playing most other kinds of board games. In dexterity board games, you need to have quick reflexes, a keen eye and sharp wits to win the game. One of the best things about dexterity games is that kids and adults often find themselves competing against each other on a level playing field when playing together. So, gather your friends and family to try a new dexterity board game today!

If you want more information about dexterity games, or any other board games and gaming accessories, get in touch. We’re more than happy to answer any questions to help you find a game that’s perfect for you and your gaming group.

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Dexterity Board Games of All Kinds

For the Younger Crowd

  • Rhino Hero - Players take turns using cards to add floors to a tall building that grows taller and taller with every turn. The idea is to be the first one to use all of your cards or be the one of the players to not knock over the tower building. This game is geared toward children but can certainly be played by people of all ages.
  • Barrel of Monkeys - In this classic children’s game, you compete by hooking your monkeys together in a chain. You press your luck by trying to make your chain longer and longer, but don’t let it fall apart or you will get no points. First player to 12 points wins.

Classic Dexterity Games

  • Ghost Blitz - 5 items clutter the table – a ghost, a bottle, a mouse, a book, and a chair. Flip a card and quickly grab the right item. But did you look at the card carefully enough to select the correct one? It’s not as easy as it sounds but it sure is a lot of fun.
  • Jungle Speed - Everyone has a hand of cards and reveals one card simultaneously. If two of the cards match those two players must attempt to be the first to grab the Totem from the table. Some of the cards look almost the same, so don’t grab the Totem by mistake.
  • Loopin’ Louie - Protect your chickens from Louie in his circling crop-duster by pressing a lever that sends Louie away from your barn. The last player to have any chickens remaining is the winner of this fun and additive dexterity game.

New Games of Dexterity

  • Catapult Feud- In this two-player game, you build your castle, place your troops in it, and use your catapult to attack your opponent’s castle. Whoever is the last player standing is the winner. that requires the players to save the world.
  • Crash Octopus - Players race to collect treasure floating in the sea, but a giant octopus is trying to stop them. On your turn, move your ship or flick treasure to your ship. But watch out for the giant octopus tentacles as they attack!
  • Flick of Faith - You play as gods in this betting dexterity game. Flick your prophets in the form of discs onto islands as you compete for control. But other gods can use sneaky tricks to foil your plans.
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Let’s Talk Dexterity Games

Dexterity games area a fun way for gamers of all ages to play together and have a great time. At More Than Meeples, we have the dexterity games and board games Brisbane loves to play! Get in touch using our contact us page if you’d like to discuss any of our games or gaming accessories. You can also continue to browse our website to buy board games online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dexterity games are games where players flick, stack, grab, push, pull, drop, fling, or perform some other physical activity with the game components as the main actions of the game.

No, dexterity games are for board gamers of all ages. In fact, many dexterity games are perfect to be played by children and adults together, making them ideal for families.

Dexterity games usually have simple rules that can be taught and learned relatively quickly. With many dexterity games, new players can understand the game well enough to play in a matter of minutes.

All gaming groups are different, so a game that works well with one group might not go over well with another group. Get in touch and tell us about the group you expect to be playing the game with. We’ll be more than happy to make some recommendations based on that information.


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