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Welcome to the More Than Meeples Ding & Dent Collectible Bazaar  


A – Almost perfect products with only minor cosmetic box damage. With only a tiny (sometimes almost unnoticeable) amount of box damage, A Grade items from the Bazaar make great gifts.
B – Light Box Damage – Grade B Items are great for gifts that will be opened straight away.
C – Moderate box damage, may include very light tearing. Typical grade for more serious dents or light box punctures.
D – Severe box damage including possibility of larger tears. Product contents likely undamaged, however box is effectively useless.

Conditions of Sale

  1. Damages on Bazaar Products are typically limited to exterior box / package damage only. Inside contents have been confirmed to be ok where possible.
  2. Bazaar sales are final and returns / refunds are only accepted for any purchased Bazaar lines where the inside contents are damaged / unusable / do not work as intended..
  3. Electronic items over $100.00 may be opened and tested prior to shipment.
  4. Images unavailable on a per item basis.

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