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Looking for a game that challenges your brain more than the average board game fare? Abstract strategy board games are often designed without a narrative, with no elements of randomness, and with all players given perfect information about the game. They are perfect for those seeking a simple and straightforward game that still encourages strategy. More Than Meeples stocks a range of abstract strategy board games so you can find the perfect purchase for your next game night.

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Flex Your Mind with Abstract Strategy Board Games

Abstract strategy games range from basic games we have all played, like Chess, to more modern fare, with a range of varieties available.

The GIPF Series

GIPF – Two players take turns placing pieces onto the board, trying to achieve a sequence of four pieces in a row. Once achieved they remove their row and capture any of their opponent’s pieces which extend that row, with play continuing until a player runs out of pieces.

DVONN – Taking place on a hexagonal board, DVONN sees players taking turns placing pieces on the board until it is full. Then they start stacking pieces on top of each other, taking turns until no more moves can be made, with the owner of the highest stack declared the winner.

YINSH – Players start with five rings on the board and must try to form a row of rings marked with their colour. Rings change colour when another ring passes over them, and each successful row sees you remove one of your rings, meaning you get weaker the closer you get to victory.

Group Fun

Azul – Up to 4 players must select glass panes to complete their windows while avoiding the risk of wasting and damaging their supplies. Each window panel is double sided to create variation and players score points based on the sets they have completed and the patterns they have created.

Hey, That’s My Fish! – Players get to unleash their inner penguin as they zip around a block of ice in search of yummy fish. The aim of the game is to be the penguin with the most fish at the end in this casual game that is perfect for younger players and those seeking some light entertainment.

Calico – Perfect for cat-lovers, Calico sees players collecting patch tiles so they can create quilts based on the preset pattern. Make a particularly great quilt, and you will attract the attention of one of the game’s cuddly cats, who help you score points.


Hive – Easy to set up with no board necessary, Hive sees two players assigned eleven pieces, with each piece representing an insect with a unique way of moving. Players take turns playing and moving pieces, and the goal is to surround your opponent’s queen while protecting your own.

Katamino – This that has been teaching basic geometry to children for decades, Katamino tasks players with placing different shaped blocks onto the game board. Players take turns placing their pieces, and the loser is declared when someone can no longer place a piece on the board.

Rokumon – Taking place across 6 acts in feudal Japan, Rokumon sees two players crossing swords in the age of the samurai. As you deploy forces and move them into position for combat, both sides attempt to surprise their rival and claim victory.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Abstract strategy games exclude elements of randomness to instead focus on outcomes determined by player choice, with all players given perfect information about the game.

Difficulty is subjective, but typically abstract strategy games are designed to be simple and easy to learn, making them approachable for players of all skill levels.

The best way to learn a new game is to play it and learn the rules as you go, as experience is the best teacher. Just focus on having a fun time with friends and soon enough it will all begin to mae sense.

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