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People playing a modern board game | Featured image for the Best Board Games 2023 from More Than Meeples.

The Best Board Games 2023

While the year has come to a close, 2023 gifted us plenty of great board games that will be enjoyed by fans for years to come. Whether you wanted to play solo or have a good time with friends, the best board games 2023 delivered on both fronts with plenty of unique and unforgettable experiences.

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Carnegie Board Game

Best Board Games of 2022

Every year sees the arrival of new quality board games, and 2022 was no different. Whether you enjoy card games or strategy games, the best board games of 2022 had something for everyone.

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Ark Nova Board Game components.

The Best Tableau Building Board Games

The best tableau building board games encourage strategy, as players balance their tableau against which actions to invest in to achieve victory. While the genre features games that span a breadth of themes and visual styles, they all place an emphasis on this resource management at the core of their design.

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Pandemic Board Game game board.

Best Hand Management Board Games

The most important thing to know about hand management is it is a fun and exciting game mechanic that is found in some of the most popular modern board games. Let’s explore what we consider to be the best hand management board games available today.

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Mind MGMT Board Game The Psychic Espionage Game 4 99.95 89.95 53.856 93674636101 BTIOTPG001

Best Hidden Movement Board Games

Hidden movement games require quality deduction skills as you are forced to plan your next move without the full knowledge of the board. More tense than your average game, countless players have seen their seemingly winning strategy ruined once the hidden player reveals themself. Hidden board games cover a wide range of genres, from horror to science-fiction, meaning there is something for everyone to enjoy.

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Hive Board Game

The Best Abstract Board Games

Those looking for games that feature no elements of luck or chance should look no further than abstract strategy board games. These games feature straightforward design and mechanics, removing all elements of randomness as they pit players against each other.

Chess is a staple of the genre, but those looking for the best abstract board games have a wide range of options to choose from.

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Scythe Board Game board and components.

The Best Action Selection Board Games

As games that task players with choosing from a range of actions each turn, action selection board games typically require strategy and smart thinking to succeed. Despite this element of strategy, action selection games make for fun choices at parties and family game nights as everyone takes turns picking their action.

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