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Frequently Asked Questions

No, gift cards do not include GST. GST will be charged on purchased products when claiming a gift card.

Yes, you can use multiple gift cards during our checkout process.

No, gift cards cannot be refunded or transferred once purchased. We reserve the right to cancel orders if we deem a gift card was not used by the intended recipient.

Yes, you can use a gift card multiple times until the balance runs out. You can check the balance of your gift card here.

Yes, gift cards can be topped up. You can top up your gift card here.

Yes, gift cards have a three (3) year expiry from date of issue.

Yes, gift cards are applied after any deals or promotions.

Yes, you can view your gift card transaction history by checking its balance here.

Gift cards are sent to the recipient email address once payment has been confirmed. If paying by Stripe, PayPal, AfterPay your gift card will be sent immediately. If payment is made via bank transfer the gift card will be sent once payment has been confirmed in our account. Note that if you have chosen a specific date for the gift card to be sent during purchase, the gift card will be sent on that date if payment has been confirmed.

Please check your junk mail box as sometimes emails from our server may be routed to junk. If you still haven’t received your gift card, please confirm that payment has been completed as well as confirming if the gift card has no set delivery date. For more assistance, please reach out to us at with your order number and our team will be able to assist.

Please reach out to our team at who will be able to confirm if the recipient has received the purchased gift card.

No, we do not send out a physical copy of the gift card. The recipient will receive a digital copy with a link to print a PDF. If you would like to provide a form of physical gift card to a recipient, we recommend setting the gift card recipients email address to an email that you have access to. You can then print a copy of the gift card using the provided PDF link.

Please contact our support at with your name and order number if applicable. Our team may require verification and additional information to confirm your identity before we reissue your gift card number.

Please contact us immediately ideally on 1300 564 059 while also sending a follow up email to We may be able to assist. Please note that the safekeeping of a gift card number is the sole responsibility of the recipient. As our team generally ships orders within 48 hours, if a gift card was used and the order was shipped we may not be able to assist.

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