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Thematic Board Games

Thematic games mix your favourite stories, video games, comics, or other elaborate narratives with wonderful art and interactive rules to create immersive board games. Enthusiasts new to board gaming as well as seasoned collectors will get a lot of entertainment from having thematic games on their shelves. They offer another way to enjoy that beloved story or universe you are passionate about and the components look amazing set up on the table. You can recreate the epic struggle between Frodo and Sauron in War of the Ring or plunge into the intrigue and peril of Dune. That’s another point that makes thematic board games a great choice, you have an incredible number of worlds to choose from

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Thematic Board Game Highlights

Light Immersion

  • Choose Your Own Adventure House of Danger Board Game – Experience tense choices and an interesting story in this adaptation of a classic series. Suitable for all ages, easy to learn, and great for small or large groups.
  • Finding the Dragon Game My First Adventure– Introduce the young gamers in your group to the fun world of roleplaying games. They will have fun solving puzzles and soaking up the story. Filled with creative and captivating adventures, plenty of choices, and stunning art.
  • Catapult Feud – Be the last person standing in this action filled contest. Build an impenetrable fortress and smash your opponent's troops before they do the same to you. Easy to learn and quick to play make this a great introduction to thematic games.


  • Clank Board Game - Clank is a mix of deck building and dungeon delving where players need to sneak down into a dragon’s lair to steal treasure and then escape to the surface while being as quiet as possible. The entire series of Clank games are light-hearted, easy to start playing and make for a fun day of playing games.
  • Final Girl – Final Girl is a clever take on horror films, where frequently the last person standing is a courageous heroine. This solo game lets you stand in as the lead and fight off creepy creatures of the night. The base game and expansions allow you to play in all manner of horror genres. Not interested in horror, then try Hostage Negotiator for a similar experience.
  • Treasure Island Board Game – Play out the adventures of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic novel. This remarkable looking game is great for families as well as players who enjoy bluffing. Treasure Island’s quick playtime and easy to learn rules will make getting it to the table easy.

Truly Immersive Board Games

  • Dune Board Game – Control a noble family, the space guild, or one of many other factions in the fight for control of Arrakis. Jaw droppingly beautiful with rules that completely immerse you into the unique Dune universe makes this one of the funnest thematic games around. Great for 5-6 players who want a fascinating and challenging experience set in a richly detailed universe.
  • War of the Ring – Recreate the fight for Middle-earth in this amazing board game. Play out battles you’ve seen in the movies and relive the struggle endured by Frodo to destroy the One Ring. Packed with detailed plastic miniatures, an elaborate map-board, and other fabulous looking components!
  • 6 Siege Board Game– Play as an agent from Team Six to protect the planet from corruption and villainy. The base game and expansions are set in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege universe making gameplay tense and dramatic. Live out the cinematic flair and excitement from the video games in this lightning quick thematic game.
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Key Elements of Thematic Board Games

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Looking to go on epic quests and delve into new worlds?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Thematic board games are games featuring an in-depth theme, iconic characters, and/or a very descriptive detailed setting. They frequently force players to fight each other to win and can be heavily luck based.

Any of the previously mentioned games are a good starting point of course but for a more personalised suggestion contact us with some of your preferences. That way we can match a game to your tastes.

Yes, please contact us at and we will do our best to find exactly what you’re after.

It varies from game to game and being familiar with the rules can speed things along as well. Generally, you can expect them to range between 30 – 180 minutes and many will last 60 – 90 minutes.

This will depend on what you like. There are lots of thematic games available & we suggest starting with a game that contains elements you are naturally interested in. If you like comics then look for a game with your favourite characters, for example.