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Party Board Games

More Than Meeples unpacks party board games – the fun, lively, and hilarious style of board game great for a relaxing night of entertainment. Contrary to the category name, these are not just board games for parties but rather any modest sized group of folks looking to have fun spending time with each other. The rules are often simple, the games are easy to set up, and the focus is on doing an activity together not competition.

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Party Board Games – Fun & Laughter in a Box

Traditional party board games may include Charades, Taboo, and Win, Lose, or Draw but the modern party game offers more options.

For the New Crowds

  • Doraemon Dobble Card Game – Great for all ages. Quick matching game with child friendly art. A spin-off of the original Dobble card game, uses the exact same rules. Other themes are also available.
  • Throw Throw Burrito Game – Plays up to 7, get cards, rush to make sets for points, and then throw burritos at your friends. If they get hit, they lose points. A cuter and less painful version of dodgeball.
  • Telestrations 12 Player Party Pack – Based on the award winning classic Telestrations but with more words and players. Players draw a word then pass it, guess what was drawn, & then draw the guess.

Stepping it Up

  • The Resistance – Modern classic deduction game. As the Resistance, you must eliminate the spies in your group or lose. Great for 8+ players.
  • Codenames – Social word deduction game where teams try to guess a word based on hints given by their leader. Has optional rules for cooperative play and games can finish in 20 minutes.
  • Pictomania 2nd Edition – Hysterical drawing game. Sketch the essence of 1 of 3 words while simultaneously trying to guess what the others are drawing.

For Gamer Guests

  • Captain Sonar – Cooperative real-time game where players act as the crew of submarine hunting their opponents. Follow orders as best as you can under a tight time limit. Family version also available.
  • Decrypto – A team leader gives clues to their team so they can decrypt a code. Be careful, opposing teams can solve your code so you need to use guile and speed.
  • Rorschach – Team leader assigns words to inkblot pictures and their team attempts to guess the meaning. Opposing teams can steal by guessing quicker. Highly imaginative and creative, fun to hear people explain their reasoning for pairing words to images.
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Styles of Board Games for Parties

Generally, party board games are meant for larger groups (often 6 or more people can play), scoring points is not important or kept to a minimum, everyone stays in the game until it’s over, and the rules are easy to teach. Are there exceptions? Of course, but it’s all in the spirit of good fun so save your “serious gamer” face for a heavy euro. You may see or hear the following terms used when playing party games.

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Ready to Get the Party Started?

Party games are a classic way of getting people to interact and entertain each other and modern party games offer a wide range of experiences for friends and family to try. Visit Brisbane’s newest online board game shop to find a great game today. For recommendations or more information contact us and we’ll be in touch!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Games generally meant for larger groups of people with the focus being on the interaction between people rather than competition over winning the game.

Different groups will no doubt have different tastes, so contact us with more details and we will suggest something appropriate. Also, please browse our selection of party games to see if any of our games grab your attention.

Yes, to do so please mail us at and we will do our best to fulfill your order.

Easy is subjective but generally, yes, party games only have a few simple rules to follow. There are exceptions of course.

Set the game up and play it! Don’t stress over making errors, the first few times you play any game mistakes get made. Have fun and enjoy the experience.