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Children’s Board Games

Looking for children’s board games? At More Than Meeples, we stock a wide range of games for both seasoned gamers and young minds alike. Whether you’re looking to enter unknown worlds, face off against mighty dragons, set off on new adventures, find a new family favourite and stimulate young minds with our delightful range of board games for kids.

Browse our entire range above and reach out if you need any assistance picking something great for the young gamers in your family!

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Children’s Board Games – Minds to Engage & Worlds to Explore

Board games for kids is an incredibly large and rich genre of board games which includes dexterity games, educational games, and themed/brand games from all of your favourite IPs.

Just Getting Started

  • Five Crowns Junior Card Game – Aimed at the 5+ kids, this is a fast-playing matching game where the winner is determined by collecting the most chests.
  • Loopin Louie – Dexterity game that is long on laughs and short on seriousness. Keep your chickens safe from the dastardly Louie. Plays quick and is designed tough to withstand the slapping of little hands. Good for kids 4 or older.
  • The Floor is Lava – New take on the classic idea that you can’t touch the floor because it’s lava. Nice family activity that is a blend of physical activity and imagination. Suitable for ages 5+.

The Next Step

  • Playing cards – We provide themed decks of playing cards, including the Avengers and Star Wars decks, which look great. Pass down a family tradition by teaching your kids some of the classic games you grew up with.
  • Catapult Feud – Knock over all your opponents’ pieces and be the last person victoriously standing! A dexterity game suitable for young kids, teens and adults alike! This two-player game is a good introduction to competitive board gaming.
  • Rory’s Story Cubes – Available in a variety of themes, such as Batman or Adventure Time, Story Cubes are a great activity for all ages. Roll the cubes and use the images as prompts for storytelling. Accommodates large and small groups of players.

The Bridge Between

  • Zombie Kidz Evolution – A perfect steppingstone into modern board games. Players work together to defeat zombies which have taken over their school. Suitable for ages 7+; Zombie Teenz is also available tailored to a slightly older age group as the rules are slightly more difficult.
  • Andor the Family Fantasy Game – Based on the popular board game Legends of Andor, this child friendly version is great for learning about heroic adventure and the value of cooperation. Good for children 7 or older.
  • Ticket to Ride Europe First Journey – Uses ideas from the popular Ticket to Ride series but adjusted for children. Eye catching art and fun gameplay make this a fine choice for learning about modern board gaming. Plays up to 4 and is suitable for children 6+.
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Styles of Children’s Board Games

Board games for kids are available in a wide variety of styles, themes, and use a range of rule types. Age ranges typically start at around 4 years old and go into the early teen years. Traditionally, games were marketed towards children so you will see an enormous number of games using contemporary themes and brands incorporated into updated classics. You may read or hear the following terms in connection with childrens board games:

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Ready to Start Your Family Gaming?

Playing board games with your children is an engaging and fun way to spend time with them no matter their age. Learn more about board games for kids at Brisbane’s newest online board game shop and find a great game today. For recommendations or enquiries about games contact us and we’ll be in touch!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Games using modern board game ideas which are designed to be age-appropriate for children. Often this means giving them, the children/players, more choice and decisions about what they do in a game. This contrasts with classical board games which often relied on a simple roll of dice to determine what happened.

Everyone is a bit different, so please contact us with more details about what you are interested in and we will suggest something appropriate. Consider browsing our range of children’s games to see if any of those grab your imagination.

Yes, to do so please mail us at and we will do our best to find what you’re looking for.

Be patient. Try nudging your young players in the right direction rather than directly telling them what to do. Give them the time and space to figure things out and make their own choices.