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Strategy Board Games

Thinking up a creative plan and successfully pulling it off can be a great pleasure which is why strategy board games are often so fun. And let’s be honest, be a good sport but sometimes it’s just fun to gloat over vanquished opponents. People who enjoy tough choices, developing things, and taking advantage of any opportunity to get ahead of their fellow players will probably enjoy strategic board games.

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Strategy Board Game Highlights

Light Strategy

  • Cafe tasks the players to be the best coffee company in 20th century Portugal, has evocative art and quick play time.
  • LUNA Capital requires the players to sustain and develop a base on the moon to become the capital city.
  • Star Realms is a fast-playing head-to-head sci fi deck building game.

Medium Strategy

  • Innovation is a chaotic civilisation building card game that creates wild combinations as you travel through human history.
  • Concordia is an economic development game set 2,000 years ago and requires planning and skilful timing to win.
  • Orleans requires its players to increase their selection of workers and actions to take advantage of the many ways to score points.

Medium Strategy

  • Kemet: Blood and Sand, is awesome looking on any table. Players fight as Egyptian Gods to see who can rule Egypt and need to balance developing their abilities with quick timed decisions.
  • Terraforming Mars, a favourite around the More Than Meeples gaming table, gets players to develop their corporation and build a habitable Mars.
  • Trajan, a classic game by a classic designer, govern over ancient Rome in this inventive action selection game.
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Key Elements of Strategy Board Games

Longer and more complex than family or party games, strategic board games frequently use rules that help form the identity of the game.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Strategy games reward planning, crafty timing, and keen development. The focus is frequently on making choices about your long-term plans and therefore reward skilful decisions rather than luck.

Anything from our list above would be great. Think about things you enjoy, say a time in history or performing certain actions, and try to find a game connected to that.

Yes, please contact us at and we will do our best to find exactly what you’re after.

90-150 minutes is a good range. However, it depends on many factors including familiarity with the game, the time it takes to make a decisions, and the level of distractions around/at the table.

The light games we mentioned above can serve as a starting point of course. Others include Race for the Galaxy, Five Tribes, and Dominion.