Frequently Asked Questions

Store Information

More Than Meeples is a local retailer based out of Brisbane, Australia. We offer shipping Australia wide through our website, International shipping on request, and a store front location located at 17c/455 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley, QLD, Australia.

Yes! We are pleased to announce our brick and mortar store front is open and located at 17c/455 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley, QLD, Australia 4006.

Yes, our stock counts are as accurate as they can be as our inventory is dynamically updated between all of our sales channels. However, not all products sold online are available at our storefront. Orders placed online for local pickup, are ready on the next business day at our storefront. Please wait until your Order is Ready for Collection email before coming in to collect your order.

No. Orders placed online for local pickup are transferred to our storefront for pickup on the next business day. Once your order has arrived at our storefront you will receive an email saying that is ready for collection. Typically, orders a ready by lunch time on the next business day. 

At More Than Meeples, we currently stock a growing range of graphic novels and modern tabletop games including strategy board games, family board games, party board games, Living Card Games (LCGs) and Collectable Card Games (CCGs). 

Currently More Than Meeples sells at our Brick & Mortar Store located in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, our online store and select range of products on our Amazon storefront. All products listed as ‘in-stock’ are in stock, ready for shipment for your peace of mind.

No, at this stage we are unable to offer a customer’s holds service. This is something we are looking at adding in the future.

No, at this stage we are unable to offer price matching on any of our product lines. Our goal is, and always will be to offer the best service, great prices year round and a seamless shopping experience which does not allow us to compete with the cheapest online retailers.

No, at this stage we are unable to offer gift wrapping services.

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Orders placed before 8PM are generally available for pickup on the next business day. Our team will send through an ‘Order is ready for collection’ email once your order is ready for pickup. If you haven’t received an ‘Order is ready for collection’ email by 12pm on the next business day please contact our team for assistance. Please note that on the rare occasion the transferring of your order from our warehouse to our office may take up to two business days depending on courier availabilty.

An in-stock product is any product that we currently have in-stock in our warehouse ready for shipment.

A ‘Preorder’ is any product that we do not currently have in stock but that we have pre-ordered with our suppliers. For more information refer to our Preorder and Kickstarer policy.

While we endeavour to list the expected arrival date from our suppliers (on the product page) for all preorder products, we unfortunately cannot guarantee when preorders will arrive. Upon arrival we aim to ship out all preorders within 24 hours of receipt into our warehouse.

Yes, however, we recommend separating preorder products and in-stock products onto different orders as orders containing preorder products will not ship or be available for pickup until every product on your order has arrived in our warehouse. For more information please refer to our Preorder and Kickstarter policy

When a Pre-order goes out of stock that means that we have sold through of all the allocation that we have assigned for the Pre-Order. However, as part of our In-Stock Policy, we only put up 75% of our entire allocation for a product to ensure that we have a buffer for short shipment and/or damages. Any remaining stock above Pre-Order sales will be available for purchase once we have confirmed and checked that all Pre-Orders have been accounted for. We recommend signing up to the In-Stock Notifier for the Pre-Order which will send out an email once any remaining stock goes live on the website.

Yes, requests to cancel your pre-order will be accepted up until your order is ready to ship. Once your pre-order has arrived and is ready to ship, your order status will change from ‘processing’ to shipped and you will be provided a tracking number. At this stage, cancellations are no longer possible. Please note that voluntary change of mind cancellations are only eligible for store credit. Refer to our Preorder and Kickstarter policy for more specifics on the process.

A backorder is any product that is currently out of stock on our webstore and that we do not currently have a pre-order with our suppliers. Backordered products do not have an estimated restock date.

Products listed as ‘out of stock’ are unavailable for backorder. At More Than Meeples, we believe in only selling products that we either have ‘in-stock’ or that we have an active pre-order with our suppliers. If you are interested in ordering a product that is currently not in stock, send us an email on and we will do our best to source the product for you as soon as possible.

The weight and dimensions of products can be found in the product table below the product description. Note this information is provided as guidance only and is typically the product packaging dimensions that we use for freight calculations. Actual product dimensions may vary. For more information on any particular product please contact us prior to purchasing. Preorder weight and dimensions are a best guess and are not finalised until the product is available for shipment at our warehouse.

If you would like us to try and source a game for you that isn’t on our website please reach out to us at and we will do our best to see what we can do.

At More Than Meeples, we check every product that arrives from our suppliers for damage prior to shipping out for your peace of mind. If a product arrives to our warehouse with box damage, our suppliers provide us with varying amounts of credit depending on the severity of the damage. In 99% of the cases, damage is merely cosmetic and does not affect game components. As such we discount these games based on the credit provided to us by our suppliers. Effectively, we can sell you a perfectly good product (with a bit of box damage) for a reduced rate! Browse all our damaged products in our MTM Bazaar!

The More Than Meeples Bazaar or ‘MTM Bazaar‘ is the home of all our damaged games, comics, collectibles, graphic novels, RPGs and more. When products arrive damaged from suppliers they are heavily discounted and go onto our bazaar. 

Combined shipping is possible if you have already placed an order. To combine your shipping with a previous order. Simply checkout again as a Click & Collect order with a note providing all the relevant details including the order you would like to combine shipping with. For the Click & Collect option to show up, you’ll need to set your shipping state to QLD.

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Payments, Exchanges, Refunds & Returns

We accept ApplePay, GooglePay, Credit Card via Stripe’s payment gateway, PayPal, PayPal Payin4, Zip, LatitudePay, Klarna & AfterPay.

At our Brick and Mortar storefront we are able to take most major tap-and-go, chip card payments as well as AfterPay via our Square terminal. We are also able to take cash a payment method, however, we keep only a minimal amount of cash on hand for change. Please bring as close to exact as you can. You can however, place your order online while in-store and choose from several payment methods including ApplePay, GooglePay, Credit Card via Stripe’s payment gateway, PayPal, PayPal Payin4, Zip, LatitudePay, Klarna & AfterPay.

While we are able to take cash as a payment method at our Brick and Mortar store front, we keep only a very small amount of change. If you wish to pay via cash you will need to bring as close as possible to your order value as we may not always be able to provide change.

All our products are in Australian Dollars (AUD).

Yes, if your shipping/billing address is set to Australia all of our product pricing includes 10% GST. This is the default for our online store, however, for customers browsing from overseas pricing will be Zero-rated (ex-tax) if you set your shipping address to a country other than Australia.

Please refer to our full Returns & Refunds Policy for more information.

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Gift Cards

No, gift cards do not include GST. GST will be charged on purchased products when claiming a gift card.

Yes, you can use multiple gift cards during our checkout process.

No, gift cards cannot be refunded or transferred once purchased. We reserve the right to cancel orders if we deem a gift card was not used by the intended recipient.

Yes, you can use a gift card multiple times until the balance runs out. You can check the balance of your gift card here.

Yes, gift cards can be topped up. You can top up your gift card here.

Yes, gift cards have a three (3) year expiry from date of issue.

Yes, gift cards are applied after any deals or promotions.

Yes, you can view your gift card transaction history by checking its balance here.

Gift cards are sent to the recipient email address once payment has been confirmed. If paying by Stripe, PayPal, AfterPay your gift card will be sent immediately. If payment is made via bank transfer the gift card will be sent once payment has been confirmed in our account. Note that if you have chosen a specific date for the gift card to be sent during purchase, the gift card will be sent on that date if payment has been confirmed.

Please check your junk mail box as sometimes emails from our server may be routed to junk. If you still haven’t received your gift card, please confirm that payment has been completed as well as confirming if the gift card has no set delivery date. For more assistance, please reach out to us at with your order number and our team will be able to assist.

Please reach out to our team at who will be able to confirm if the recipient has received the purchased gift card.

No, we do not send out a physical copy of the gift card. The recipient will receive a digital copy with a link to print a PDF. If you would like to provide a form of physical gift card to a recipient, we recommend setting the gift card recipients email address to an email that you have access to. You can then print a copy of the gift card using the provided PDF link.

Please contact our support at with your name and order number if applicable. Our team may require verification and additional information to confirm your identity before we reissue your gift card number.

Please contact us immediately ideally on 1300 564 059 while also sending a follow up email to We may be able to assist. Please note that the safekeeping of a gift card number is the sole responsibility of the recipient. As our team generally ships orders within 48 hours, if a gift card was used and the order was shipped we may not be able to assist.

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Loyalty and Rewards Program

Yes, MTM Loyalty and Rewards only apply to customers with an active web-store account.

Both MTM Loyalty Credits and Power Up Points are applied to your account once your order has been marked as ‘Completed’. This is generally within 24 hours of your order being shipped or your in-store purchase.

MTM Loyalty Credits are earned in various ways listed above including via a conversion of $1.00 : 1 Loyalty Credit on order total excluding shipping charges.

MTM Power Up Points are earned via a conversion of $1:00 : 1 Power Up Point based on order total excluding shipping charges.

Yes, all orders including in-store orders earn both Loyalty Points and Power Up Points. To earn points in-store, you will either need to have an active web-store account or create one with our team during your in-store purchase.

You can view the balance of your points in your My Account settings.

MTM Loyalty Credits and our Power Up Program can be used for everything on More Than Meeples except Gift Cards.

Points cannot be earned or spent on MTM Gift Cards.

Your Power Up Rewards Tier will not combine with other coupons that have restrictions. It can however, be used with a coupon generated using Loyalty Credits as well as MTM Gift Cards.

Upon reaching the next tier you will receive an email with a multi-use coupon code that is tied to your account. This will automatically apply during checkout. Alternatively, you can enter this coupon code during checkout.

No, your MTM Power Up Tier, Loyalty Credits and coupon codes generated via Loyalty Credits are for the sole use of the account owner. More Than Meeples reserves the right to cancel orders and restrict or suspend Loyalty and Rewards access due to suspected misuse of our loyalty program.

Yes, coupons generated through loyalty credits will expire after 3 years from date of issue.

Yes, Loyalty Credits not exchanged expire after 365 days.

Your Power Up tier is a lifetime rank based on points earned from the total lifetime purchases on your account. It does not expire and will only be revoked if misuse is suspected on your account.

Product reviews can be left on product pages by customers who have purchased a product. For a review to be verified you must leave a star rating and a short review about the product. Verified product review Loyalty Credits are limited to 5 reviews per 30 days.

Loyalty Credits can be redeemed in your My Account settings. A coupon is generated and automatically applied to your cart as well as a copy sent to your account’s email address.

Yes, coupons generated by Loyalty Credits are single use coupons. Any balance remaining after checkout is forfeited if not used.

No, Loyalty Credits, Power Up Points or Loyalty Coupons cannot be exchanged for any form of credit.

No, your Power Up Points will be updated after the order is complete and shipped. Therefore, anything you buy now will apply towards your next purchase.

Customers can receive full Power Up Points for their previous orders by contacting us and providing the relevant information. Please email  with order numbers and amounts.

For Loyalty Credits, only orders placed from the 25th May, 2022 are eligible.

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International Customers

Yes, however this service is only available to select countries via our website. For other countries please get in touch with us at for a quote prior to making your online order.

Yes, all of our international shipping options are tracked and insured for up to $100.00 for your peace of mind. Additional insurance can be added upon request for an additional fee. Please also note for orders above $100.00 (excluding shipping fees), we charge an additional $5.50 for signature on delivery services.

International shipment times vary from country to country but on average shipments will usually arrive between 9-20 business days.

This varies from country to country. Please note that More Than Meeples is not responsible for any extra customs or taxes that are applied to your order. All fees that are imposed after shipping are the sole responsibility of the customer.  

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Feedback and Suggestions

Have a suggestion or need some assistance?
Please get in touch with us at We value your support and would be delighted to hear how we can continue to improve our services.

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