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Family Board Games

There is a long tradition of passing time around the house playing cards or family board games. From a low stakes game played for fun and relaxation to more competitive and serious play, there is a lot of entertainment to be had. At More Than Meeples, we stock a large range of  board games for families that are sure to be family hits and bring countless memories to family game night.

Get started today and keep the family entertained with a beautiful and enjoyable game from the More Than Meeples online board game shop. With $10.00 flat rate shipping within Australia and a great selection of family games to choose from, it’s never been easier to find your family’s favourite game!

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Family Board Games Fun for the Whole Family!

Don’t know what to choose? With the thousands of available board games for families out there, choosing can create choice paralysis in even veteran gamers. Don’t panic! More Than Meeples has you covered.

Just Getting Started

  • L.L.A.M.A is a Spiel des Jahres nominated bluffing game with a short playing time and simple rules that make it easy for kids to play.
  • Uno, based on Crazy Eights, has a range of available themes, is an iconic family card game, and makes for a good introduction to competitive take-that games.
  • Crash Octopus is a race to see who can collect five types of cargo the fastest and serves as a cute engaging entry into dexterity style games.

The Perfect Balance

  • Dixit, where players need to give suitable clues to get points, is an excellent stepping stone into more complex gaming while being challenging, competitive, and gorgeous.
  • Camel Up is an easy to learn, swift playing, racing game, with stylish art by Chris Quilliams.
  • Zombie Kidz Evolution is amusing dice rolling game that’s easy to learn and fun for kids as well as adults

For Healthy Competition

  • Pandemic is a modern classic cooperative game that requires the players to save the world.
  • Wingspan is a stunning looking drafting game that requires the players to develop the best wildlife preserve.
  • Everdell is a worker placement card game that tasks the players with building up their woodland village.
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Styles of Board Games for Families

Family board games often have certain features that help distinguish them from other games. General characteristics often include being playable by 3-5 players, straightforward rules, and being relatively short. Different styles can often be connected with different rules, which include:

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Are you ready for something new?

Learning and experiencing fun for the family is what modern board is all about, the shared social experience. Get into a game today and buy board games online at More Than Meeples. For more information or for recommendations contact us and our team are only too happy to find your family your next favourite game!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Shorter easy to play board games that frequently need 3-5 players and often involve a high amount of interaction between the players.

Anything from our list above would be great but this sort of question is often hard to answer. Think about things you enjoy, say dinosaurs or birds, and try to find a game connected to that.

Of course, please contact us at and we will do our best to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Generally, yes, but it will depend on the people playing to decide what is easy. Often, first plays may be confusing but then the game becomes easier and this broadly applies to all games. The more you play, the easier they get learn.

Wingspan, Azul, Love Letter, and Imhotep are easy to learn and play while providing a nice range of styles to experience.