Preorder and Kickstarter Preorder Policy

At More Than Meeples, we are delighted to offer our valued customers Australia wide the option to preorder and pay for incoming retail edition and Kickstarter products prior to their official release date, allowing you to reserve a copy before they go on sale.

Preorder Terms and Conditions

Our preorder service is a premium service offered by More Than Meeples and is subject to the following terms and conditions:

What are Preorder and Kickstarter Preorders?

A ‘Preorder’ product is any retail product that is not currently ‘in-stock’ at More Than Meeples and is available to reserve and pay for prior to its release date. ‘Kickstarter Preorders’ are similar to regular retail preorders, however, these products are backed by More Than Meeples on the Kickstarter platform directly with publishers and are often listed for preorder, on average, up to 6-12 months prior to our warehouse receiving the product. It is not uncommon for a Kickstarter preorder to be delayed for 3-6 months past its ETA and customers should be aware of this when preordering any Kickstarter product.

Preorder and Kickstarter ETAs

The More Than Meeples team endeavours to provide an accurate release date on all pre-order and Kickstarter products listed on our website. These Estimated Arrival Times (ETAs) can be found on an individual products page above the ‘Preorder’ button.

ETAs are provided as an estimate and are obtained from our suppliers and in the case of Kickstarter preorders – a Kickstarter’s campaign. Please note that from time to time due to circumstances beyond More Than Meeple’s control, some of which include shipping delays, supplier shortages or publisher manufacturing and supply chain issues, products may not arrive by the set ETA and could be further delayed.

In the event of a delay, we will endeavour to update the listing to reflect the new date where possible and get in touch with all customers that have the preordered the affected products. If the delay is expected to be greater than 2 months for retail preorders and 6 months for Kickstarter preorders, customers will be contacted and provided an appropriate remedy as per our Returns and Exchanges policy should a customer wish to not maintain their preorder with us. If you would like to find out the status of your preorder, please feel free to reach out at any time with your order number to and our team will get back to you shortly.

When Will My Preorder Ship?

All products marked as ‘preorder’ will be dispatched from our Brisbane warehouse as soon as the product arrives in our warehouse. An exception to this is if a product has a strict release date from the publisher requiring us to only dispatch the product on or after this date. In this situation, your preorder (and potentially your entire order) will be held until the official designated release date.

Placing an Order Containing a Preorder or Kickstarter Product

Please note that customers that place an order containing a preorder or Kickstarter preorder together with regular ‘in-stock’ products will have their entire order held from dispatch or pick-up until all products on preorder have arrived in our warehouse.

Customers who have placed an order with a preorder or Kickstarter product who wish to split their order to receive ‘in-stock’ products immediately can get in touch with us on quoting your order number. Please note that apart from local pickups, splitting an order into two separate orders will incur an additional shipping fee for the additional shipment. This fee will be either a flat $10.00 for a regular shipment or if express shipping is requested, the exact shipping charges from our shipping partner.

For ease of ordering, we recommend ordering preorder and ‘in-stock’ products separately to ensure that you receive your ‘in-stock’ products as soon as possible.

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Cancelling a Pre-Order

If you would like to cancel your pre-order, please get in touch with us as soon as possible. Customers who voluntarily cancel their preorder will only be provided a More Than Meeples gift voucher for the value of their order minus used shipping charges and processing fees.

In the event that More Than Meeples is unable to ship/fulfil your preorder (i.e. receiving damaged stock from suppliers or a reduced stock allocation), you can either hold your preorder with us or we will issue a full refund including processing fees for the preordered products back to your original payment method. Shipping charges utilised to ship other products will not be refunded.

Our team will always do our best to accommodate your request, subject to our Returns and Exchanges policy.

Preorder Overselling & Allocations

More Than Meeples does not believe in overselling preorders and as part of our ‘in-stock commitment’, we limit preorders to 75% of the total product that we have on order with either our suppliers or Kickstarter. This provides us with a small buffer should any products arrive damaged or if a distributor is unable to fulfil our full allocation. Any remaining stock will be available for purchase on our web store only after all preorders have been fulfilled. Please note that we do not accept preorders for any Trading Card Game (TCGs) products. TCG products will display as ‘Out of Stock’ and will only be made available for purchase after arriving in our warehouse.

International Shipping for Preorders / Kickstarter Preorders

Please note that our team reserves the right to adjust shipping costs and/or refund orders that contain preorder products should these products weigh more than anticipated. Preorder and Kickstarter products have best-guess weights which may vary once the products have been checked in and weighed upon arrival to our warehouse. Should there be a significant variance, our team will reach out to advise that there will be a shipping adjustment, of which you will be able to choose either a full refund back to your original payment method including all fees and charges or to pay an additional shipping charge.

Ordering & Acceptance of our Preorder and Kickstarter Preorder Policy

Please note that by ordering a preorder product you agree to and accept the preorder and Kickstarter preorder Terms and Conditions as outlined above and that More Than Meeples reserves the right to amend this policy as and where needed. Should a policy amendment be made, all affected customers will be notified within 7-working days of the policy change. The team at More Than Meeples values your on-going support and will always aim to deliver an appropriate and satisfactory resolution for you.

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Need more information?

If you have a question not covered within our Preorder and Kickstarter Preorder Policy, you may find an answer in our comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions. You can also get in touch with us online or send us an email at and we’d be happy to assist.

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