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Takara Tomy Pokemon Moncolle

What are Pokemon Moncolle?

Moncolle is an abbreviation of ‘Monster Collection”, a series of high-quality figures that perfectly reproduce the appearance of Pokemon in 360 degrees. From the top of the head to the back, sides, and even the soles of the feet, it has been faithfully reproduced, so if you pick it up, you might discover a new secret about Pokémon…! ?’

Types of Pokemon Moncolle

MS Series

Standing approximately 4-5cm tall depending on the model.

Pokemon Moncolle MS Series

ML Series

Standing approximately 10cm tall depending on the model.

Pokemon Moncolle ML Series

Trainer Series

Standing approximately 6cm tall depending on the model.

Pokemon Moncolle Trainer Series

Select Series

Pokemon Moncolle Select Series

MAX Series

Pokemon Moncolle MAX Series

Ball Series

Pokemon Moncolle Ball Series



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