Moku Tower the Endless Column Board Game Kickstarter (Preorder)


On the way in - expected arrival 30/04/2023

Moku Tower The Endless Column is a new edition from the original Moku Tower. Moku Tower: The Endless Column inherits the tradition of Moku Tower collection. It embraces the concept of Japanese home decoration and transforms wood art into an artistic and interactive tabletop game. This new version is inspired by both Romanian and Japanese Culture. While the Woodas rock are inspired by the traditional Japanese rock garden, the Endless Column are inspired by the Romanian infinite column. By combining both the rock and the column together, it has become a masterpiece featuring the beauty of both the East and West.

The game combines balance, patience, reaction and a bit of luck together. It is a wonderful tabletop game and, at the same time, a beautiful decoration for your home. Look at the amazing art work: Do you feel like being in Japan?

For The Endless Column, building a tall tower is not enough. You need a solid one! And as always, beware of incoming attacks! I mean real physical attack! Are you ready to get your Endless Column and build your own endless tower now? Let’s go!

Regarding the general gameplay, in each round there will be 3 active players with different roles: Dark Stacker, Pale Stacker and Invader. The Stackers need to compete to be the FIRST to COMPLETE the mission they got from the card(s) in order to score marks. At the same time, the Invader will roll the dice and attack the Stackers based on what they get on the dice. There will be some fun physical movement like firing the dice to attack the tower! Each player take turn to compete and the game goes on until the first player scores 20 marks.

This is the Moku Tower Endless Column Kickstarter Edition and comes with the following:

  • Moku Tower: The Endless Column Board Game
  • All unlocked Stretch Goals

Can be combined with the Original Moku Tower to create a more-intense and interactive game.


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Weight 2.4 kg
Dimensions 32 × 32 × 12 cm



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Minimum Suggested Age 7
Average Play Time 20 - 30 minutes
BGG Complexity 1.5
Expansion No
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