Small City Deluxe & Small City Winter Expansion KS


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Build Residences, Commerces, Industries.

Affect a job to your citizens to Produce Raw material, to build Cultural Buildings and develop your city to be re-elected at the end of 8 rounds.

Make Promises to your citizens like good Mayor and develop tourism to opponent players.

But don’t forget to take care of the pollution level in order to not ruin your effort…

Small City Deluxe is the definitive edition of the popular board game inspired by SimCity!

  • Completely re-envisioned and re-created art and graphic design by Kwanchai Moriya including the box, the player boards, the main board, all tiles, and the overall visual identity.
  • Rewritten and edited game rules, revised for 1-4 players.
  • An expansion box that contains 8 new Modules! (see below)
  • 250+ Building tiles & many more deluxe features!
  • 100+ wooden bits, including custom-shaped special tokens!
  • a big City Council Board (A3 size – 297 x 420 mm / 11.7 x 16.5 in)

*this is the Small City Deluxe Edition & Small City Winter Expansion Kickstarter Set and includes all stretch goal material unlocked during the 2022 campaign.

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Weight 2.7 kg
Dimensions 32 × 22.5 × 15 cm



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Minimum Suggested Age 12
Average Play Time 60 - 120 minutes
BGG Complexity 4.02
Expansion No
Download Rulebook
Extra Items Winter Expansion + 2x Replacement Map Boards


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