Merchants Cove Board Game All-In Kickstarter Bundle (Preorder)


On the way in - expected arrival 30/09/2023

Welcome ashore! Merchants Cove is a highly asymmetrical eurogame where each player assumes the role of a different fantasy merchant with a unique shop. The merchants contend to sell their goods to the arriving adventurers at the cove’s piers—the most famous markets in the Five Realms. Each player uses their own set of role-specific components and gameplay mechanisms to produce their goods, increase their shop’s efficiency, and—most importantly—get rich!

Though the merchants work independently in their specialised shops, they compete against each other to attract customers, influence the demands for goods, and secure sponsorships from the four faction halls. To get an edge, merchants can employ local townsfolk to work in their shops as staff. Or if they dare to cut corners, they can gain leverage from the corrupt lair of rogues—but at what cost? After three days of selling at the markets, the wealthiest merchant shall be declared the winner!

This is the Merchants Cove Board Game All-In Kickstarter Bundle and includes the following all pre-packed in the Mega Box:

  • Merchants Cove Base Game
  • Merchants Cove Secret Stash Expansion
  • Merchants Cove The Innkeeper Expansion
  • Merchants Cove The Oracle Expansion
  • Merchants Cove the Dragon Rancher Expansion
  • Merchants Cover Master Craft Expansion
  • Merchants Cove Mega Box Module Insert Solution with Game Trayz (all components come pre-packed)
  • Thief Player Board
  • KS Exclusive Game Maker Merchant
  • KS Exclusive Bonus Loot Pack
  • Backer Built Rogue Pack
  • Merchants Cove Alchemist Plastic Decanter
  • Merchants Cove Thief Plastic Miniature

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Game Trailer

3 Minute Overview

Ant Lab Games Master Craft Review

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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm


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Minimum Suggested Age 14
Average Play Time 60 - 90 minutes
BGG Complexity 2.74
Expansion No
Download Rulebook
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