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50 years ago, humanity started mining the Moon and the asteroid belt. For decades this task was firmly held by the World Government and its contractors. Recent unrest collapsed this enterprise, leaving it open for those willing to take the risk. Now adventurous companies and private investors look to revive this mining network and claim the profit!

In Skymines, by Alexander Pfister and Viktor Kobilke, players are savvy investors seeking to earn the most CrypCoin through careful and strategic action. Invest mined resources in various corporations and spread outposts from base stations to increase their value and rake in the profit. Support the research of scientists to boost the earnings even further.

The Skymines Board Game is a Euro game for 1-4 experienced players with deep player interaction and a card management system that requires clever planning. With four different companies, each with their own special abilities, players can choose how much to invest in each and where to diversify their holdings. Featuring a double-sided game board and variable components, each game will bring the opportunity to explore different synergies and strategies. Players can also experience an included campaign mode and two special modules.

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Minimum Suggested Age 12
Average Play Time 75 - 150 minutes
BGG Complexity 3.84
Expansion No
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