Honey Buzz Honey Pot Mini Expansion (Restock Preorder)


On the way in - expected arrival 30/11/2022

Add a little extra to every part of your Honey Buzz experience, including new types of contents and the nectar jar module!

The Honey Buzz Honey Pot Mini Expansion includes:

  • 4 Nectar Jar Boards
  • 1 First Player Marker (a honey pot)
  • 6 Queen’s Contest Cards
  • 6 Configuration Cards
  • 2 Order Cards (pollen eaters)
  • 6 Queen’s Contest Cards (solo play)
  • 1 Drone Card (solo play)
  • 2 Drone Dice (solo play)
  • 21 mini‐european cards total (44×68mm)

*note this is not a standalone game, a copy of the Honey Buzz Board Game Standard Edition or the Honey Buzz Board Game Deluxe Edition is required to play.


Please note that not all products are available in-store. For Click & Collect, orders placed by 8PM will be available for next business day pickup. Please refer to our Shipping & Local Pickup Information.

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