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Your Roll Player characters now join the Heroes Guild, leading you on an epic adventure…

Two thousand years before Azema’s return through the gate at Brizoor Waal, the world of Ulos is at peace. But a new era dawns: In order to unify Ulos under a single banner, Queen Gimnax establishes the nation of Nalos. Others band together, forming the Dragul Alliance to resist the steadily growing kingdom of the Gnomish queen. Meanwhile, Ulos’s greatest inventor, Gulpax the Crafter, builds a mysterious device of tremendous power deep in the Frozen Expanse. The peace enjoyed across Ulos, threatens to come undone.

With war on the horizon, it’s a dangerous time to be a hero. You’ll make allies and enemies, unravel the crafter’s mystery, and decide the fate of Ulos. Lend your unique skills to uncover Gulpax’s Secret. Who will gain the upper hand in the upcoming great war?

Roll Player Adventures Gulpaxs Secret is a new seven-adventure campaign for the critically-acclaimed, co-operative storybook board game for 1-4 players. Players take on the role of fantasy heroes to face new challenges, explore new environments, meet new characters in the world of Ulos, and make meaningful decisions that change the story.

The Roll Player Adventures Gulpax’s Secret Expansion Kickstarter is not a standalone game, a copy of the Roll Player Adventures Board Game is required to play!

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Minimum Suggested Age 14
Average Play Time 90 - 150 minutes
BGG Complexity 2.50
Expansion Yes
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