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IMAGE Comics

IMAGE Comics

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  • Walking Dead Vol 8 Omnibus HC (MR)

    The New York Times bestselling, Eisner Award winning THE WALKING DEAD series takes readers on the harrowing journey of Rick Grimes: a small town sheriff’s deputy who slipped into a coma and awoke in an apocalyptic landscape where the undead have risen and prey on the living. Character drama, suspense, and dystopian survival horror collide in this pop culture phenomenon by Robert Kirkman (Super Dinosaur, Oblivion Song, Invincible) and Charlie Adlard upon which the hit AMC television series is based.

    This deluxe hardcover edition collects the final 25 issues of the hit series-along with a cover art gallery for the issues-together in one massive, oversized slipcased volume.

    The Walking Dead Vol 8 Omnibus HC (MR) collects THE WALKING DEAD #169-193.

    Rated: Mature Reading

    $174.95 $149.95
  • Hack Slash Omnibus Vol 6 TP (MR)

    Okay, so maybe Volume 5 WASN’T the last omnibus! What can we say, there was so much more HACK/SLASH to tell! Cassie Hack, lost and broken after the death of Vlad, must find her new place in the world… and kill a whole lot more monsters! Another hefty brick of critically acclaimed horror goodness that contains the previously uncollected SECRET ORIGIN OF VLAD!

    The Hack Slash Omnibus Vol 6 TP (MR) collects HACK/SLASH: SON OF SAMHAIN #1-5, HACK/SLASH: RESURRECTION #1-12, HACK/SLASH: ME WITHOUT YOU (ONE-SHOT), and bonus features.

    Rating: Mature Readers

    $89.95 $74.95
  • CHEW Smorgasbord Edition S&N LTD ED HC VOL 03 (Ding & Dent)

    Presenting the third and final CHEW Smorgasbord, a massive, deluxe hardcover featuring the final 20 issues of the New York Times bestselling, Harvey and multiple Eisner Award-winning series about cops, crooks, cooks, cannibals, and clairvoyants. Enemies are confronted, mysteries are solved, and the body count rises so very, very high.

    The CHEW Smorgasbord Edition Volume 3 collects CHEW #41-60 in addition to the blockbuster one-shots featuring everybody’s favourite homicidal rooster, WARRIOR CHICKEN POYO, DEMON CHICKEN POYO, and the dual crossover event, CHEW/REVIVAL and REVIVAL/CHEW.

    $199.95 $179.95
  • The SWORD The Complete Collection Deluxe HC

    The SWORD The Complete Collection Deluxe HC collects the complete run of THE SWORD in an oversized hardcover and slipcase format. Experience the epic story about a young woman who finds a mysteriously powerful sword that allows her to seek revenge on the three elemental gods who brutally murdered her family.

    $199.95 $179.95
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