Fateforge Chronicles of Kaan Board Game Emperors Pledge KS (Preorder)


On the way in - expected arrival 31/10/2023

In this city that he has made into the pride of Kaan, the Ilkral has eyes and ears at every corner. He is a beloved ruler, but there is an ambition in him that will not rest until all of Kaan has bent the knee. I fear he will burn our homeland to ash and scatter it on the winds if it stands in his way.

Fateforge: Chronicles of Kaan is a mythical action-adventure cooperative campaign full of surprising twists with a sprawling story and intense fights played in episodes of under an hour.

The game offers an accessible, RPG-like board game experience for 1 to 4 players. Meaningful narrative choices and action-packed combat scenes are the heart of the game. You will take on the role of a hero and backflip, double-slash and charge your way to victory! The app-driven story lets you navigate your way through a city full of intrigue and your choices will ultimately determine the fate of the empire.

This is the Fateforge Chronicles of Kaan Board Game Emperors Pledge KS and includes the following content:

  • Fateforge Chronicles of Kaan Limited Deluxe Edition
  • Clash of the Immortals Expansion Deluxe
  • Boss Miniature Set
  • PDF of the Fateforge Encyclopaedia Book by Studio Agate
  • All Unlocked Stretch Goal Rewards from the Campaign.

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Weight 5.5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 18 cm



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Minimum Suggested Age 14
Average Play Time 60 minutes
BGG Complexity 3.00
Expansion No
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