Sweet Honey Bee Mine Card Game


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This region is inhabited by 10 types of beautiful honey bees, who carry the sweetest, tastiest honey ever. This honey can be sold for a fortune, so today a group of greedy people, looking to get rich quick, have gathered together…. you guys! Be warned: the honey bees from this region are extremely dangerous. If the same type of bee stings you twice then you will be knocked out. Be careful as you collect as much honey as you can.

In the Sweet Honey Bee Mine Card Game, the player with the most Honey Discs at the end of the game wins. Players decide on a number of rounds to play (3 rounds is recommended). Each round player’s scores are written down. After a set number of round each playerʼ s scores are totalled together. The players compete to get the highest total.

*note the Sweet Honey Bee Mine Card Game is language independent and English rules are included in the box. Official English rules can also be downloaded here.

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Dimensions 14 × 10 × 2 cm



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Minimum Suggested Age 8
Average Play Time 15 minutes
BGG Complexity 1.00
Expansion No


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