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In AD 962 Otto the Great becomes Holy Roman Emperor. In this age of the ‘itinerant kingship,’ the king did not rule from a capital but travelled from palace to palace. In The King’s will, the players assume the role of the dukes whose palaces the King is visiting. They try to find out what the King’s current will is and climb in his favour while they steadily enlarge their duchies. After four rounds, the duke (player) who proved himself to be the best in meeting the wishes of the King will win the game.

The victory conditions of The King’s Will Board Game are set up completely different every game and need to be discovered by the players throughout the game.

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 32 × 21 × 5 cm



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Minimum Suggested Age 10
Average Play Time 50 - 90 minutes
BGG Complexity 3.2
Expansion No


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