Tidal Blades RPG Cypher System Corebook Kickstarter (Preorder)


On the way in - expected arrival 30/06/2023

Tidal Blades, and its setting of Naviri, has a unique feel and sensibility. It’s a game and setting that shines bright with community, helpfulness, joy, delight, science, and celebration. In this fantasy water world, wonder blends with advanced time-altering technology. Crocs, turtles, and fish-folk cohabit peacefully with humans in a vast floating city.

People trade with fruit and travel between the various docks on watercrafts, powered by small energy devices known as shells. Despite the paradise-like setting, Naviri is in dire need of heroes. Powerful sea monsters have started breaking out of the hyperdimensional barrier that protects the area. And of course, just like any city, Naviri has its share of smaller dangers—dark corners, dark dealings, and dark characters—that all need to be dealt with.

While there are definitely obstacles to overcome and challenges to face, the focus of the game is on the ways in which characters and the community can work together to keep their beloved home safe and thriving. Characters may find themselves gathering hard-to-find ingredients for a much-beloved local chef, tracking down a group of thieves who’ve stolen an unstable piece of technology, or battling a giant sea monster with a volcano on its back—all while racing watercrafts across the sea, attempting to befriend local wildlife, or competing in contests of skill and strength.

This is the Kickstarter Edition of the Tidal Blades RPG and includes the following content:

  • Tidal Blades Cypher System RPG Corebook
  • Free Exclusive Promo XP Deck for Cypher System
  • Poster Map

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