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Tides of Time the Board Game (Sale)

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In Tides of Time the Board Game, players will play as an ancient civilization as they prosper and collapse through time. Erect giant monuments, raise impenetrable fortifications and garner the vast knowledge as each age passes. Players with the greatest civilisations will leave their mark long after their collapse. Civilisations will rise and fall as the tide of time carries them from times long forgotten to times recently lost.

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Tides of Time the Board Game is a two-player drafting game where each game will consist of three rounds in which players draft cards in order to build their kingdom. Cards are in one of five suits, each having their own unique scoring objectives. After all the cards are drafted for a round, players tally their points based on the suits of cards they’ve collected and the scoring objectives on each card; Then they record their score for the round. Each round, players select one card to leave in their kingdoms as a “relic of the past” that will help them in later rounds. After three rounds, the player with the most prosperous kingdom is declared victorious and wins the game.

Buy Tides of Time the Board Game with More Than Meeples and watch your civilisation rise and fall as the tide of time carries them from times long forgotten to times recently lost. 


  • 18 x Oversized Cards
  • 4 x Relic Tokens
  • 1 x Score Pad
  • 1 x Pencil
  • 1 x Rules Sheet

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  • 18 x 79mm x 120mm Cards
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Rule bookTides of Time the Board Game Rulebook

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Board Game Geek Overview

Board Game Geek Overview

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Weight.24 kg
Dimensions18 × 11 × 3.5 cm

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Kristian Curla



Minimum Suggested Age8
Average Play Time15 - 20 minutes
BGG Complexity1.58


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