Boonlake Board Game (Preorder)


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With a group of pioneers, you have left civilisation behind to settle along the shores of Boonlake, a long-forgotten region inhabited by humans long ago. This unexplored area beckons you! Become part of a new community and commit yourself to the common good. Explore the landscapes, build houses and settlements, raise cattle, produce raw materials, and develop your infrastructure. Do your best to automate these processes. Seize the opportunity to make the best of your new life in Boonlake. 

Boonlake is an expert game by Alexander Pfister where you are finding yourself improving your life, and your group’s life in this new territory…but how you accomplish this is completely up to you! Introducing a novel action mechanism, each game progresses differently. Will you focus on expansion? Or maybe you contribute to creating an infrastructure? Or possibly pursue your own agenda? Carefully consider what you choose, as each action benefits everybody else…

Among many other components, the abundant game materials of the Boonlake Board Game include 4 double-layer player boards, 165 project cards, and more than 120 wooden pieces.

The game includes a solo mode and is for 1-4 players. Playing a game takes about 2 hours.

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Weight 2.6 kg
Dimensions 31.5 × 22.5 × 7 cm



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Minimum Suggested Age 14
Average Play Time 120 minutes
BGG Complexity 4
Expansion No


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