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Guide your family to fame and fortune as you negotiate over the fate of the insidious British East India Company.

In John Company 2nd Edition, players move deep into the bowels of empire and take on the roles of ambitious families seeking to make a name for themselves at the dawn of the British Empire. Players act as matriarchs and patriarchs, manoeuvering their children to positions of power and prestige within the British East India Company. 

John Company 2nd Edition is a cutting negotiation board game, offering players a new understanding of British history in the eighteenth and nineteenth century that reflects contemporary scholarship on the subject and extensive research into primary documents. John Company: Second Edition attempts to show how the imperial experience transformed the domestic culture of Britain by focusing on how The East India Company lurked behind the building of every textile mill and every bit of wealth in the likes of a Jane Austen novel. 

With an entirely overhauled second edition, Wehrlegig Games has revised nearly all gameplay mechanics, featuring new period illustrations and hand-painted Ganjifa event tiles. The lavish production includes over a hundred screen printed tokens with nearly 20 unique portrait designs, as well as custom resin sculpts and metal flags depicting the local powers in India. The Solo mode was designed and developed by Richard Wilkins (Ricky Royal) who spearheaded the critically-acclaimed solo opponent in Pax Pamir: Second Edition. Gameplay takes between 2 and 4 hours depending on player experience and historical scenario.

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Minimum Suggested Age 13
Average Play Time 90 - 240 minutes
BGG Complexity 4.18
Expansion No
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