Loki Omnibus Vol 1 HC Brooks Cover


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Celebrate the God of Mischief’s classic villainy in a volume full of diabolical deceit! Featuring every Loki appearance from Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s legendary era of THOR – and more – it’s a volume full of brotherly rivalry, deadly plots and wicked magic! Across the ages, Loki’s tricks on Thor are a treat to read as he wreaks havoc on Asgard and Midgard – banishing Jane Foster to Limbo, trading spells with Doctor Strange and masterminding a Thor/Silver Surfer battle – and of course, causing the Avengers to first assemble! Bring on the wiliest bad guy of all!

The Loki Omnibus Vol 1 HC Brooks Cover collects AVENGERS (1963) #1; JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY (1952) #111, #113 and #115-123; and THOR (1966) #153-157, #167, #173, #175-177, #179-181 and ANNUAL #2 – plus material from JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY (1952) #85, #88, #91-92, #94, #97, #100-104, #107-108, #110, #112, #114 and #124-125; THOR (1966) #126-129, #142 and #147-152; STRANGE TALES (1951) #123; TALES TO ASTONISH (1959) #101; and SILVER SURFER (1968) #4.

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