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Holding on for dear life

A group of thugs stole a bunch gold from the corrupt crime lord in the next town over. Tonight is the secret meeting to decide how the gold is split. At this meeting, each thief has their own sturdy moneybag. If someone thinks the gold distribution is unfair, they can call out another fellow thief they believe has more gold coins and move some of those coins from the other thief’s bag to their own. However, they must be very careful! If the thief steals too much gold and gets caught, they must give all of their coins to the other thief as punishment. This is an unusual game where you need to gauge how many coins the other players have by judging the weight of their moneybags and bravely accusing them of taking too much gold.

The Moneybags board game is a collaboration between Jun Sasaki author of ‘Deep Sea Adventure’ and ‘A Fake Artist Goes To New York’ and Yoshiteru Shinohara who is known for his worldwide success ‘Crossing’ released in Europe in 2013. In this game you have to guess the number of coins someone has in their moneybag just by estimating the weight of it with your hands. You have to watch your opponents expressions and can also discuss with them, which can be really funny. The game consists of 67 brass coins and six textile moneybags – all components of outstanding quality.

*note this is the EN version of the game.

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Minimum Suggested Age 9
Average Play Time 30 minutes
BGG Complexity 1.50
Expansion No
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