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Dokojong Board Game

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I will protect this dog!

5 cabinets members have become so infatuated with the King’s dogs that they have hidden them away so that only they can show it affection. “You! Have you seen my dog!?” “I think it might be in that room!” “No, no! Let’s search this room over here!” They all hide their favorite dogs while trying to find the other cabinet member’s dogs. If you don’t make an effort to search for the other dogs, the dog you love so much might be discovered. But how will you be able to keep your dog’s location a secret!?

A short game where players try to guess where each other’s dog is hidden among five tiles. You want to avoid revealing your dog’s whereabouts, but if you overact to avoid guesses, your dog may be exposed. This game is a collaboration between Shunya Shiina (Xaquinel), known for ‘Caru Uta’, and Jun Sasaki.

*note, this is the JP/EN version and comes with English rules.

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Weight.176 kg
Dimensions11 × 6.5 × 3.7 cm

Oink Games


Jun Sasaki, Shunya Shiina


3, 4

Minimum Suggested Age9
Average Play Time20 minutes
BGG Complexity1.50


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    We are in ancient Egypt and the pharaoh has sent for the most gifted architects in his realms. As one of the chosen architects you have to try to build the most remarkable gravesite for your pharaoh, but if your goal is too lofty or you are too slow and the pharaoh dies before you finalise the monument you will be executed. Can you surpass the others, complete it in time and become the most glorious architect in Egypt? In this game every player has to build a pyramid through choosing the right stones. It is a mixture of tactical game and puzzle.

    In the Pyramid’s Deadline Board Game, every player plays the role of an architect in ancient Egypt and has to try to surpass the others by building a pyramid out of five kinds of stones.
    If you set your goals too high and are thus not able to finish the monument before the pharaoh dies, you have to suffer bruising defeat.

    *note this is the EN version of the game.

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    In the Deep Sea Adventure Board Game, the deeper you dive, the higher are the chances to get good treasures, but if you take too many, the oxygen in your shared tank will be used up quicker.

    Inside the nicely designed, compact, blue box you will find 48 chips, a submarine, colourful meeples and two dices with numbers from 1 to 3.

    *note this is the EN version of the game.

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  • Troika Board Game

    A planet full of gems – and anxiety?!

    In a not so distant future, scientists find very special stones on another planet. If you collect three matching stones, you can turn them into an extremely valuable gem or into fuel. After hearing about the stones, you decide to travel to this new planet to become rich. You arrive safely, but after having some troubles on the way, your spacecraft is now out of fuel. What a dilemma! You want to make valuable gems, but you also need fuel to get back to Earth. You’re also not the only person with this idea. Can you collect more gems than the others and still escape from the planet?

    In the Troika board game, you have to turn the face-down tiles lying on the table one by one. When it’s your turn, you also have to collect one of the tiles, no matter if face-up or face-down. That’s all you need to do in this game.

    The game ends when all tiles are turned face-up and until then you have to try to collect as many trios of consecutive numbers as possible. You also need to collect a trio of the same number, a so-called ‘fuel-set’, or you won’t be able to go back to Earth again…

    As the number of tiles you can collect hidden is restricted and since there are many more No.7-tiles than tiles with other numbers, the game becomes very exciting! Never forget to watch your opponents, never stop thinking about the possible combinations of numbers and try not to lose your head in this game! It is very entertaining and short and the special design of the game components makes it even more fun to play!

    *note this is the EN version of the game.

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  • Modern Art Board Game Oink Games Edition

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    ‘Modern Art’ is one of the most famous games of Reiner Knizia. The Oink Games version of it lets you feel like a real buying agent of one of the best art museums in the world. The design of the game is clear as always and makes the game easy to play.

    In this game the artworks of five modern artists fall under the hammer! Every player is auctioneer and buyer at the same time and has to try to buy as many of those pictures, that most likely become world-famous! There are five different kinds of auctions! Sometimes you will be overjoyed at your newest purchase, but the picture that was going to make you rich, can become worthless very soon… Do you have a good sense of choosing the pictures with the highest potential? Can you outplay the others?

    *note, this is the rare German version of the game available throughout Germany and Austria. Game components are language independent, however, the player screens and rulebook are in German. Translated rules & English player screen paste ups are available on Board Game Geek.
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    The Moneybags board game is a collaboration between Jun Sasaki author of ‘Deep Sea Adventure’ and ‘A Fake Artist Goes To New York’ and Yoshiteru Shinohara who is known for his worldwide success ‘Crossing’ released in Europe in 2013. In this game you have to guess the number of coins someone has in their moneybag just by estimating the weight of it with your hands. You have to watch your opponents expressions and can also discuss with them, which can be really funny. The game consists of 67 brass coins and six textile moneybags – all components of outstanding quality.

    *note this is the EN version of the game.

    $64.95 $54.95
  • Moon Adventure Game Special Edition

    ‘An earnest failure is valuable.’ — Mutta Namba

    You are trapped on the moon due to a massive magnetic storm originating from the sun and all of the supplies have been scattered about the surface. You and your fellow astronauts are desperately trying to recover the scattered supplies, all while your oxygen levels are falling. Moon Adventure is a cooperative board game where everyone must work together to complete the mission. Trust in your wits and your friends to make it back alive! Take on a challenging mission to the moon featuring 10 characters from “Space Brothers”.

    This dream collaboration with the manga ‘Space Brothers’ is now a reality! The Special Edition features 10 characters, including Mutta and Hibito, you can now take on a challenging mission with characters you love! 5 new role cards have been added to the 5 role cards in the standard version of “Moon Adventure” to offer a wide variety of fun ways to play. Comes with additional game manual and an original sleeve. ‘There are those who are like rock. There are those who are like scissors. And there are those who are like paper. Who’s the strongest? Is there anyone who knows the answer?’

    *note, this is the JP/EN version and comes with English rules.
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  • Fafnir Board Game

    A chicken named Fafnir lays 2 gems each day, but at times can lay more. The brothers that inherited Fafnir have decided that ‘The person that throws away more of their gems’ can receive the freshly laid gems. The value of the gems fluctuate depending on how many the players are holding and by purposefully throwing gems away you can manipulate the playing field. In this simple strategy game, the goal is to make it to the end holding as many valuable gems as you can.

    Fafnir comes from the game designer Jun Sasaki, highly acclaimed both in Japan and overseas. Jun Sasaki is the designer of games such as ‘Deep Sea Adventure’, ‘A Fake Artist Goes to New York’, ‘In a Grove’, and ‘Startups’.

    *this is the EN version of the Fafnir board game.

    $44.95 $37.95
  • In a Grove Board Game Revised Edition

    What’s wrong with that testimony?

    This town has too many murders and too many detectives. Today several detectives have witnessed a murder. Using the information that only you are aware of as well as considering the reasoning of the other detectives, you must carefully and skilfully try to gain the upper hand and declare which suspect is the criminal. Can you defeat your rivals and become the greatest detective this town has ever seen? This is a competitive game filled with reasoning, deductions, and a complex mixture of predictions. This is a new version of one of Oink Games’ early works with updated rules and upgraded components. It’s great for players of the previous version, too!

    Deluxe ComponentsThe tiles and chips are now made out of a great-feeling plastic. The components make a nice snapping sound as you place them down on the table making you want to keep playing with them.

    *note, this is the JP/EN version and comes with English rules.

    $49.95 $44.95
  • Nine Tiles Panic Board Game

    Think Faster!

    Race to create your town to the best of your ability as the conditions keep changing. Just completing the town is easy enough, but quickly satisfying all the conditions is enough to make your brain go crazy. From kids to adults, Nine Tiles Panic is a speedy and exciting puzzle game for everyone!

    The Nine Tiles Panic board game is the follow-on game of the game ‘Nine Tiles’, an Oink Game that is only available in Japan. Both games are created by the same authors. ‘Nine Tiles’ also is a speedy puzzle game, but the new ‘Nine Tiles Panic’ adds decision making and tactics to the game, so that you can experience a totally new kind of fun game play.

    Each player gets one of these tile sets, which consists of nine different tiles. The fronts and backs of the tiles show different road parts of your city. While playing you can flip and turn the tiles as you like. The only important things are that you create a city which is exactly 3×3 tiles big and that you connect the roads. Completing such a city is rather easy…

    But these condition cards make everything a little more difficult. In each round you draw three condition cards randomly and in the end everyone gets points according to how well you satisfied the conditions. The points you will get, depend on the order of successfully satisfied condition cards. You can choose if you want to use the full capacity of your brain and fulfil all three conditions or if you want to focus on one of them and be the first player to fulfil it. It might me a good idea to focus on a condition nobody might me interested in. Amongst the condition cards you will find really difficult ones as well!
    Be careful! It can be dangerous to think about a solution too long! The first player that finishes their city can turn the hour glass and from that point on everyone has only 90 seconds left to finish theirs. Players who can’t finish their city in that time, won’t get any points! If two or more players get the same amount of points for one condition card, the player who was quicker wins. This is why it is very important to be as quick as possible. You can definitely try to fully use the 90 seconds for completing a task perfectly as well… this is where opinions differ.

    *note this is the EN version of the game.

    $64.95 $54.95
  • Tricks and the Phantom Board Game

    A laughing phantom. Who is the criminal?

    A mysterious case involving a MacGuffin…the investigators are ready to report their prime suspects and are poised to arrest the criminal. However, behind the scenes the Phantom is pulling away. No one that has seen the Phantom has returned to tell the tale. Where could the disguised Phantom be lurking? You must be vigilant! While being wary of the Phantom, speculate about and discover just who the criminal really is. This quick, mystery card game is packed full of reasoning and fun. Let the battle of wits begin!

    In Tricks and the Phantom, every player is an investigator in a truely mysterious case. You have to find the criminal which has one of many professions, such as politician, yakuza or detective. If you succeed and find the lawbreaker, you are rewarded with winning points. Normally the culprit is always the card with the highest number, but there are some exceptions: ‘If someone played a 10, then this card is the criminal’, ‘If all other players played a card lower than 5, then this card is the criminal’ and such are conditions that change the outcome of a round! The only thing you know is, who played which card colour. Through knowing this, you can analyse and predict the actions of the others and finally find the criminal!

    However, there is another role, who will take your winning points away, if you suspect him – the phantom! the investigator who plays this card wants to mock you and make you think he played the criminal card. Can you read their intentions, avoid suspecting the phantom and finally find the real culprit?

    *note this is the EN version of the game.

    $44.95 $37.95
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