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Nidavellir Board Game – For millennia the Dwarf Kingdom has lived in peace but that is about the change….. The Shadow of the dragon Fafnir spreads over Nidavellir and now threatens the Dwarf Kingdom. You are sent by the King to search the Kingdom’s taverns and form the most powerful battalion.

In Nidavellir you will use simultaneous bidding, collections and combinations all intertwined in a dark and captivating universe for 2 to 5 players. Do you have what it takes to embody the noble Elvalands and form an army mighty enough to defeat the infamous Fafnir? Assemble your army and achieve the most Bravery to win the game and have the honour to defeat Fafnir. Order Nidavellir today and see if you have what it takes.

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A forgotten evil has awoken in the peaceful Dwarf Kingdom. Once confined centuries ago by the alliance between dwarves and wizards, the dragon Fafnir has freed himself to accomplish his long-awaited vengeance. Fafnir seeks to raid gold and burn bodies but are there any warriors strong enough to stop the rampaging path of the dragon?

In the Nidavellir board game you are a venerable Elvaland – a respectable member of the council and chief of war. The king has sent you on a mission to form an army of mighty warriors capable of confronting and stopping Fafnir in his tracks. You will scour the Kingdom’s taverns, hire the most skilful dwarves and recruit the most prestigious of heroes to assemble the best battalion in the land. Be warned! The King shall indeed reward the best of you but those with an army of mere poor souls will surely be punished.

Key Nidavellir game mechanics include a tactical and easy to learn coin building system, drafting and simultaneous bidding. With easy to learn rules and playable in approximately 45-minutes for 2-5 cunning players; Nidavellir is the perfect light to medium weight game often compared to the Splendor board game. Watch the reviews and how to play below to find out if Nidavellir is the perfect fit for you and your gaming group.

Buy Nidavellir from More Than Meeples today and assemble your band of mighty warriors to win the honour of taking down the infamous Fafnir.

Nidavellir Board Game Components

  • 87 x Dwarf Cards divided in 5 classes:
    • 18 Warrior Cards
    • 16 x Hunter cards
    • 16 x Miner Cards
    • 20 x Blacksmith Cards
    • 16 x Explorer Cards
    • 1 x Special Blacksmith Card
  • 5 x Distinction Cards
  • 5 x Royal Offering Cards
  • 21 x Hero Cards
  • 3 x Tavern Signs
  • 5 x Individual Kingdom Map Boards
  • 3 x Gems Trade Markers
  • 6 x Gems
    • 5 x Basic Gems
    • 1 Special Gem
  • 60 x Gold Coins
    • 25 x Basic Coins
    • 1 x Special Coin
    • 34 x Royal Treasure Coins

 Card Sleeve Size: 54×80 x 118

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Dimensions 25 × 25 × 7.5 cm



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Minimum Suggested Age 10
Average Play Time 30 - 60 minutes
BGG Complexity 2.21
Expansion No
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