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On Mars Alien Invasion Alien Action Tokens (Preorder)

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A set of 15 wooden heat-transferred Alien Action tokens to replace the punchboard tokens for the Alien player in Chapter 1.

*not a standalone game, a copy of the On Mars Board Game and the On Mars Alien Invasion Expansion is required to play.

On the way in - expected arrival 30/06/2022

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Additional information

Weight.1 kg
Dimensions10 × 5 × 2 cm

Eagle Gryphon Games


Vital Lacerda


1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Minimum Suggested Age14
Average Play Time80 - 150 minutes
BGG Complexity4.64


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  • On Mars Alien Invasion Expansion KS (Preorder)

    On Mars Alien Invasion is the much-anticipated Somewhat Cooperative Expansion to Vital Lacerda’s best-selling and highly-rated On Mars base game. Though this expansion was originally going to be named Surviving Mars, Eagle-Gryphon Games made the decision to change the name to On Mars: Alien Invasion to better reflect the theme and content of this expansion. The game narrative is contained in four chapters of a story written by Nathan Morse. Gameplay contains four new and different ways to expand upon and play the base game. You will play one versus many; completely cooperatively; and even solo if you wish, depending on the chapter. Included are four fresh and completely replayable ways to establish colonies On Mars!

    For instance, here is the narrative that opens the first chapter and sets the stage for all of the following action:

    Alert! Sensors indicate that aliens are invading the famous red planet! Long have the conspiracy theorists predicted this. The threat to your mission is too great; you must take action. Will you be able to prevent the infectious spread of these beings bent on expanding to every habitable planet in the galaxy? Or will you play for the other side, a species trying to establish a colony on Mars, blithely oblivious to the danger their expansion represents, unaware that there are others out there eager to keep humans “where they belong” on Earth.

    – Over 20 Alien Meeples
    – Alien Player Board
    – Alien Advanced Building Markers
    – Sentry & Defense Exosuit Meeples
    – New Scientist – The Microbiologist,
    – 77 Full-size Cards and 23 Mini Cards
    – Over 115 Tokens and Markers!

    The On Mars Alien Invasion Expansion is a short story expansion to On Mars made in 4 chapters with 4 different modes of play.

    The short story is called Alien Invasion and contemplates the following Chapters and modes of play:

    Chapter 1 – Invasion – 1 vs All – 3 to 5 players
    Chapter 2 – Outbreak – Co-Op – 2 to 4 players
    Chapter 3 – Blackout – Co-Op – 2 to 4 players
    Chapter 4 – Monolith – Solo – 1 player

    *not a standalone game, a copy of the On Mars Board Game is required to play.

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  • On Mars Board Game

    On Mars Board Game – Following the success of unmanned rover missions, the United Nations established the Department of Operations and Mars Exploration (D.O.M.E.). The first settlers arrived on Mars in the year 2037 and in the decades after establishment Mars Base Camp, private exploration companies began work on the creation of a self-sustaining colony. As chief astronaut for one of these enterprises, you want to be a pioneer in the development of the biggest, most advanced colony on Mars by achieving both D.O.M.E. mission goals as well as your company’s private agenda.

    In the beginning, you will be dependent on supplies from Earth and will have to travel often between the Mars Space Station and the planet’s surface. As the colony expands over time, you will shift your activities to construct mines, power generators, water extractors, greenhouses, oxygen factories, and shelters. Your goal is to develop a self-sustaining colony independent of any terrestrial organisation. This will require understanding the importance of water, air, power, and food — the necessities for survival.

    Do you dare take part in humankind’s biggest challenge?

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  • On Mars Upgrade Pack

    The On Mars Upgrade Pack Includes:

    1 – Blueprint Board (50x20mm)
    12 – Additional Contract Cards
    6 – Private Goal Expansion Cards.

    Requires On Mars to Play

    On Mars is played over several rounds, each consisting of two phases – the Colonisation Phase and the Shuttle Phase.

    During the Colonisation Phase, each player takes a turn during which they take actions. The available actions depend on the side of the board they are on. If you are in orbit, you can take blueprints, buy and develop technologies, and take supplies from the Warehouse. If you are on the surface of the planet, you can construct buildings with your bots, upgrade these buildings using blueprints, take scientists and new contracts, welcome new ships, and explore the planet’s surface with their rover. In the Shuttle Phase, players may travel between the colony and the Space Station in orbit.

    All buildings on Mars have a dependency on each other and some are required for the colony to grow. Building shelters for Colonists to live in requires oxygen; generating oxygen requires plants; growing plants requires water; extracting water from ice requires power; generating power requires mining minerals; and mining minerals requires Colonists. Upgrading the colony’s ability to provide each of these resources is vital. As the colony grows, more shelters are needed so that the Colonists can survive the inhospitable conditions on Mars.

    During the game, players are also trying to complete missions. Once a total of three missions have been completed, the game ends. To win the game, players must contribute to the development of the first colony on Mars. This is represented during the game by players gaining Opportunity Points (OP). The player with the most OP at the end of the game is declared the winner.

    *note this is an upgrade pack for the Retail Version of On Mars and is not a standalone game.

    $24.95 $20.95
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