The Genius Square Game Revised Edition


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Genius Square Board Game by Smart Games

Play solo or race an opponent to fill the grid and level up! Roll the dice, think fast, and reach the Wizard level before your competitor. 5 difficulty levels to concur, 62,208 puzzle challenges and always a solution!


Both players receive a grid, a set of coloured shapes and seven ‘blockers’.
Roll all dice and place the ‘blocker’ pieces on the numbers as indicated.
Race your opponent to fill the empty spaces on the grid!

Level Up
Mastered the STARTER level? Time to level up! Go to the next difficulty level by turning over the pieces indicated below, matching your level.

The square pattern should now show on these puzzle pieces. Fill the grid, but make sure that the patterned pieces do not touch sides (corners can touch).
Playing together?

The winner levels up every match, leaving the competition behind. First player to complete the Wizard level, wins the game!

• Age: 6+ years

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Dimensions 24 × 24 × 5 cm




Minimum Suggested Age 6
Average Play Time 5 - 60 minutes
BGG Complexity 1.00
Expansion No
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