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Under Falling Skies Board Game – As the mothership descents to complete her conquest of Earth, enemy ships fill the skies. From your underground research bunker, you are the Earth’s last and only hope. Do you have what it takes to stand and fight against the Earth’s greatest threat? Fight invaders city by city, build a team from around the globe in an effort to save your planet and defeat the aliens.


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Under Falling Skies is a solo game with a multi-mission campaign. In each mission, you will take charge of defending a besieged city from its alien invaders. Your actions are powered by an innovative dice placement mechanic; When you choose an action, you are also choosing which enemy ships will descend. Of course, while bigger numbers provide for bigger effects, they also cause enemy ships to descend faster to what could be your impending doom.

Expand your underground base to gain access to more powerful actions that could mean the difference between victory, or a devastating loss. Shoot down enemy ships and deploy robots to increase your workforce, but don’t forget to stay ahead of the curve with critical research tasks while also paying careful attention to your underground city’s energy supply. Careful planning & management might just be what you need to save your city from a threat bigger than mankind.

With a repayable campaign, gradually revealed content and an innovative dice placement mechanic, can you complete your mission before your base is destroyed?

Buy Under Falling Skies from More Than Meeples today and experience a multi-award winning solo game that is sure to please.

Under Falling Skies Components

  • 5 purple ships
  • 4 white ships
  • 3 plastic tokens
  • 7 wooden dice
  • 1 excavator token
  • 1 mothership tile
  • 4 sky tiles
  • 3 underground base tiles
  • 3 city tiles
  • 1 rulebook

Campaign content:

  • 1 campaign notebook
  • 4 chapter comics sheets
  • 14 more cities
  • 12 upgradable characters
  • 13 unique scenarios
  • 9 additional base and sky tiles
  • cardboard scenario tokens
  • 1 special orange ship
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Weight 1.36 kg
Dimensions 23.5 × 18.5 × 5.5 cm



Minimum Suggested Age 12
Average Play Time 20 - 40 minutes
BGG Complexity 2.44
Expansion No
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