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In the Yucatan Board Game, you are the leader of a Mayan city. You have promised your people to win the favors of the Gods, and their fate is in your hands. Send your warlords to capture enemies, increase your might with every season of the sacred calendar, and sacrifice your prisoners to the Mayan gods to ensure your dominance.

Your warlords will become more and more formidable, your city more and more glorious, but your opponents do the same, so enlisting the help of the mythological creatures and heroes will be necessary to try to restore with blood, the energy of your gods.

In this game, your goal is to capture prisoners, and the Yucatan peninsula is your playground. Prepare for four seasons of fierce fighting. At the end of each season, you will ritually sacrifice captured enemies to gain reputation, but be careful because the gods are demanding: Each of your sacrifices must be more glorious than the last. Each decision matters in the subtle balance required to make your city the glorious and eternal sanctuary of the mighty Mayan gods.

This is the Yucatan Board Game ALL-IN Kickstarter Edition and includes the following content:

  • Yucatan Base Game 3760372230234 Product Dimensions: 4.12kg 37x30x12cm
  • Yucatan Stretch Goals
  • Yucatan 5/6 Player Expansion 3760372230371 Product Dimensions: 0.965kg 32x23x5cm
  • Yucatan Solo Expansion 3760372230395 Product Dimensions: 0.57kg 32x23x5.5cm
  • Yucatan Playmat 3760372230302 Product Dimensions: 0.405kg 57x9x6cm
  • Yucatan Card Sleeves 76037223019 Product Dimensions: 0.145kg 9x7x3cm
  • Yucatan Base Game Plastic Bases
  • Yucatan Base Game Correction Tokens
  • Yucatan 5-6 Player Expansion Correction Tokens

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Weight 6.3 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 20 cm



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Minimum Suggested Age 14
Average Play Time 45 - 60 minutes
BGG Complexity 3.0
Expansion No
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